Minutes of Meeting 17th May 2011

Minutes of Meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall on Tuesday 17th May 2011 at 8.00 pm

Present:  Mr J Dickens (retiring Chairman),  Mr S Fraser, Dr R Lott, Mr B Shaw, Mrs L Shaw, Mrs C Lightfoot (clerk).
Part time: Mr S Lilly, Ms J Shelley, PCSO D Clements

1.  Apologies received from Mr S Norman

2. Cooption to Council

Mr Dickens opened the meeting by saying that 5 nominations had been received for the 6 vacancies for Parish Councillors.  Mrs Shaw proposed that Mr Dickens be co-opted to fill the vacancy, this was seconded by Dr Lott and agreed unanimously.

3.  Councillors “Declaration of Acceptance of Office”

Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms were duly signed by all councillors.  It was recorded that Mr Norman had signed his declaration in advance of the meeting.

4.  Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman

The following appointments were made:

Chairman:  Mr Dickens was proposed by Dr Lott, seconded by Mr Fraser.

Vice Chairman:  Dr Lott was proposed Mr Fraser, seconded by Mr Dickens.

5.  Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered.  None recorded.

6. Minutes of meeting of Upton Parish Council held on Tuesday 15th March, the Extraordinary Parish Council Meetings held on 11TH April & 4th May 2011 having been previously circulated were signed as a true record by the Chairman.

7. Matters Arising

a)   Parish Council Meeting on  15th March

i) High Voltage Cable:  the Deed has now been received from Mr Barrett and was signed by Mr Dickens and Mrs Shaw.

ii) Roundels in Chilton Road:  this matter is still ongoing.

b) Annual Parish Meeting, 11th April

i) Speed Limit through village: in order to lower the speed of vehicles in the village a number of ideas were discussed and it was agreed that this item should be incorporated in the review of the Parish Plan (item iii)

ii)  Upton News:  after discussion it was agreed that Upton News should be kept to 4 pages and that contributors be asked to keep their articles to a prescribed length.

iii) Update Parish Plan:  it was agreed that some revision to the Parish Plan is required and that this be an “Aim and Objective” of the current Parish Council. Mr Dickens to write PC aims and objectives 2011/12.  JD

8. PCSO’s report

PCSO Clements reported that a digger had been stolen from the building site at Hitherto.  This was the second such  occurrence at Hitherto.  She said that theft of machinery is prevalent and extra patrols and stop and searches were being carried out.  TV Police recommend that trackers be fitted to heavy machinery.

9.         County Councillor’s Report

Mr Lilly reported that the 23% reduction in the County Council’s budget had now come into effect.  He said that  since Didcot is a “growth town”  additional funds are allocated thus cushioning the impact of cuts.

He noted that Didcot Station Forecourt work will commence in August, with completion at Christmas.

Despite £3m being made available for County Highways, these funds are not for repairs and the pothole situation remains an embarrassment.

Mr Lilly reminded the meeting that the Highways Reporting Line is 0845 310111.  He said that a reference number will be given.  If after a reasonable time no action is taken, Mr Lilly will take up the matter on our behalf.

It was noted that there are a number of potholes in the village which have been marked for repair but no action takes place.  Since Upton’s roads are also our pavements concern was raised about injuries to pedestrians caused by potholes.  Mr Dickens and Mr Lott will make a list of potholes throughout the village.                       JD/RL

10.  District Councillor’s Report

Ms Shelley introduced herself as our newly elected District Councillor.  She said that the Annual meeting of the Vale District Council was being held on Wednesday 18th May when her allocation of duties would be agreed.  With regard to our concern about the lack of leaf clearing, she said that this was the responsibility of Verdant and she will pursue this.  Ms Shelley will arrange for the clerk to receive information on “Slow down in our Village” signs.

11.       Planning

i)  UPT/368/4 – Erection of 4 bedroom house adjacent to Kameki.

ii) UPT/11998/5 – Solar panels supported by “A” frames, Pointers Piece, Chilton Road.

These applications have both been approved by the Vale.

iii)  UPT/20226/2 – Hitherto:  a query has been raised about the terracotta ridge tiles used on the new builds at Hitherto.  The Vale have passed the Clerk’s  enquiry to their Enforcement Officer.

12.  Villagers’ Forum – inthe absence of villagers there was no discussion

13.  Delegation of Duties

Finance – Mr Norman (to be confirmed JD)

Communications – Upton News & Website: Mr Shaw will write Upton PC’s contribution to Upton News. Mr Dickens to discuss requirements further with current editor and website managers. JD

Roads and Footpaths – Mr Norman.  Dr Lott will support the Cycle Path to Blewbury initiative

Planning – Mr Dickens and Mrs Shaw

An “Effective Responses to Planning Applications” course is being held on 6 July.  Clerk to register Mrs Shaw, Mr Shaw & Mr Fraser to attend. Clerk

Village Hall – Mrs Shaw

Amenities including Recreation Ground – Dr Lott

Young Parishioners including the Play Area – Mr Shaw (to include playground safety checks).

Volunteer Group Rep – Mr Fraser

UKAEA Stakeholders Rep. – Mr M Brown (Mr Dickens to discuss with Mr Brown)    JD

N.A.G. Rep.- Mrs C Davies

Parish Transport Reps – Mr G Homer & Mrs J West

14.  Reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility

i) Roads and Footpaths: a meeting is to be set up with the Sustainable Blewbury Group regarding the cycle path to Blewbury.   It was noted that OCC have not, to date, committed to paying the PC for cutting the village footpaths in the current year. Feedback required from Mr Norman.  SN

ii)  Amenities including Recreation Ground:

Caravan Rally: Some comments have been received by the PC, although viewed as a positive event there were some issues raised.  A review of the caravan weekend is to be carried out.

An article is to be entered in the June edition of Upton News to canvass village opinion. BS

iii) Young Parishioners including Play Area: in her progress report Mrs Caffyn said that a grant application has been prepared and is being sent to WREN.

iv) Village Hall – Mrs Shaw said that the new Trust Deed and Land Transfer were ongoing.

v) Communications  )

vi) Volunteer Group  ) nothing to report

vii)  N.A.G.                     )

viii)  UKAEA Stakeholders Committee        )

ix)  Parish Transport Rep:  Mrs West reported on the public meeting to discuss the subsidised bus review held in Grove on 12th May.  The Assistant Public Transport Officer had given assurance of the funding available for the Vale’s transport services.

The clerk reported that the 24 responses from the questionnaires were being analysed by ORCC.  She said she will liaise with the Sustainable Blewbury Group in order to make a coordinated response to OCC by the 3rd June deadline. Clerk

15.       Finance

i) Effectiveness of Internal Audit.  A statement prepared by the Chairman setting out the effectiveness of Internal Audit was circulated.  It was unanimously agreed that this be adopted.

ii)  Ratification of Annual Governance Statement:  copies of the Annual Governance Statement were circulated to members.  The Council unanimously agreed that the Annual Governance  Statement be signed by the Chairman.

iii) Adoption of accounts:  the accounts, having undergone internal audit, were circulated to members in advance of the meeting.  Mr Dickens proposed the accounts be adopted, all were in favour.

iv)  Invoices for payment since last meeting

a. Clerk’s salary gross £321 (less PAYE )

b.  Came & Company – annual Insurance premium – £304.33.  The clerk had obtained a second quote (£398) from Suffolk ACRE.  It was agreed to negotiate best price with Peter Came before renewing cover.

c.  Mr Brown – fuel for mowers – £88.02

d. ORCC annual subscription – £30

v)   Receipts since last meeting:

a.         Precept (half year) £3,625

b.         Bank interest March 31p, April 37p

c.         VAT refund March £37.85, April £29.56

d.         Income from Caravan Rally £338 (half net takings)

The above receipts were noted.

16. Correspondence recently received

A letter has been received from St John’s Ambulance requesting a donation.  It was agreed that since Uptonogood  would be making a donation no action would be taken by the Parish Council.

17.  Set dates for future meetings

It was agreed to continue holding meetings on 3rd Tuesday of alternate months.  Clerk to issue a list of dates.

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk

Tel:  01235 850486

18th May  2011