Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 31st May 2011


Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall

on Tuesday 31st May 2011 at 8.00 pm

Present: Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Dr R Lott, Mr S Norman, Mr B Shaw & Mrs L Shaw. Mrs Lightfoot (clerk). 5 members of the public attended part time.

1. Apologies

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. None recorded.

3. Planning Applications:

i) UPT/16188/1 – new single and 2 storey extension and demolition of existing double garage and conservatory at Brookside, High Street. Applicants Mr & Mrs A Caffyn.

Councillors had each seen the plans in advance of the meeting. The meeting was suspended to enable the residents of a neighbouring property of Brookside to register concerns which they had regarding this planning application. Mr Caffyn responded to their concerns. The Chairman resumed the meeting and after discussion the Parish Council concluded that whilst they did not object to the planning application they would ask the Planning Department to consider whether:

  • The extension would possibly deprive the neighbouring property of some light during the summer months from late afternoon to early evening.
  • Special attention should be given to the tree with a TPO in the garden of The Forge, which could possibly be affected by the planned works in Brookside.

The clerk to respond accordingly. Clerk

ii) UPT/10932/3 – proposed ground floor cloakroom with shower at Fieldside House, Fieldside. Applicants Mr & Mrs M Weston. The plans, having been previously circulated, were discussed and it was unanimously agreed that the Parish Council had no objections. Clerk to respond accordingly. Clerk

iii) UPT/368/5 – proposed single storey side and rear extension at Kameki, Chilton Road. Applicant Mr M Brown. The Plans, having been previously circulated, were discussed and the Parish Council unanimously agreed that there were no objections. Clerk to respond accordingly. Clerk

4. Production of Upton News: The Chairman said that there needed to be clarification with regard to the future production of Upton News in the light of Mr Brown wishing to hand over his responsibility for its production and for updating the web site. It was agreed that editing Upton News could be done by someone other than a Parish Councillor. A note will be put in the July edition of Upton News to seek a volunteer. The Chairman proposed Mr Shaw undertake updating the web site with immediate effect, this was seconded by Dr Lott and the motion was carried. Mrs Lightfoot to speak to the Parish Office to find out whether a financial contribution is required given that the Upton News has expanded to 2-3 sheets of A4.

Clare Lightfoot
Clerk/Upton Parish Council
1st June 2011