Minutes of Meeting 19th July 2011


Minutes of Meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall on
Tuesday 19th July 2011 at 8.00 pm

Present:  Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Dr R Lott, Mr S Fraser, Mr S. Norman, Mr B Shaw, Mrs L Shaw,
Mrs C Lightfoot (Clerk)

1.   Apologies were recorded from Councillors Lilly & Shelley

2. Declarations of Interest
Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered. Mr B Shaw & Mrs L Shaw recorded an interest in Item 4(iv).

3. Minutes of meeting held on 17th May, and extraordinary meetings held on 31st May and 21st June 2011, having been previously circulated were agreed to be a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising:
a)   Parish Council Meeting on 17th May:
   i)  High Voltage Cable:  Land Registry confirm the Easement is now in place.  The rerouting    of the cable by SSEB is imminent.  
   ii)  Roundels in Chilton Road:  Mr Norman is pursuing the matter with Mr L.Turner of     Highways.
iii) Aims & Objectives 2011/2012.  A revision of the aims and objectives is being produced by the Chairman, to include classifying the Recreation Ground as a QEII Field.  Draft document to be circulated for comment.      JD
iv) Caravan Rally review:  taken under Item 8.

b) Extraordinary meeting held on 31st May & 21st June
  i) Upton News – taken under 9(v)
5. PCSO’s report – in the absence of a PCSO there was no report.

6. District Councillor’s Report
Councillor Shelley had furnished a written report which had been circulated and is filed with these minutes.
Mr Fraser will complete a pro forma for Upton’s Emergency Plan.     SF

7. Planning
  i) UPT/10932/3 – Proposed ground floor cloakroom, Fieldside House – permitted.
  ii) UPT/16188/1 – Proposed new single and 2 storey extension and demolition of existing     garage and conservatory, Brookside – permitted.
iii) issues raised by parishioners relating to Fieldside and Hitherto:  Mr Dickens is arranging  to meet with Councillor Shelley to discuss specific concerns.
iv) UPT/11/01364/FUL – an application has now been received by the clerk for the construction of a single dwelling on land adjacent to the George & Dragon.  It was agreed to hold an extraordinary Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 2nd August at 8.00 p.m.
v) Planning Course: 3 councillors had attended this course and agreed it had been useful.  The highlights document will be distributed to all councillors.  JD
8. Villagers’ Forum
(i) Caravan Rally:  a number of emails had been received supporting the rally as a social event which is well organized and enhances fund raising.  However others have raised objections to the field being out of bounds on the first long Bank Holiday in the year.  A suggestion was made that the Rally might be held over an alternate Bank Holiday. Comment was also made that the poor state of the Hall drains cannot cope with the volume of waste.  A query was raised as to whether holding the rally was in contravention of the Recreation Ground deed.
      In conclusion the Parish Council were in favour, in principle, of continuing with the Rally,        subject to the drains being repaired and guidelines being met.  Guidelines to be drawn up and           circulated for members’ approval.  The Parish Council agreed that the Rally should be            reviewed on an annual basis. Mrs Shaw will liaise with the UVHAT committee. LS

(ii)      Bonfires: an email had been received complaining about the nuisance of bonfires.  It was                        agreed to put a reminder of the Bonfire Code in the Upton News with a link to the code on the         web.           BS

9. Reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility
i) Roads and Footpaths:
Footpath Maintenance:  OCC have confirmed payment of £337.50 for footpath maintenance for  this year (a 25% reduction on last year).
Coffin Way: after discussion it was agreed that Dr Lott will liaise with Sustainable Blewbury to  pursue improvements to Coffin Way. 
ii) Amenities including Recreation Ground
 QEII Field status:  see item 4(iii).
 Weed treatment ) it was agreed that since there is likely to be a call on
 Lawn sweeper   ) funds to assist UVHAT with replacing the hall drains
      the Parish Council was unable to commit to these items
      in the current financial year.
iii) Young Parishioners including Play Area:
Inspection Sheets:  a process is now in place for resuming inspecting the play area.
The first sheet has been completed by Dr Lott.
iv) Village Hall: nothing to report
v) Communications
Upton News:  Mr Shaw said that no volunteers had come forward to assist Mrs Sayers with editing  Upton News commencing with the August edition. 
vi) Volunteer Group:
There are a number of tasks requiring attention including: tidying humps, hedging and strimming.
Help will be requested by email and through Upton News.   RL/SF/BS 
vii) N.A.G.
Mrs Davies reported that one incident of speeding had been detected by the Speed Indicator Device  (SID).
viii) UKAEA Stakeholders Committee: no report
ix) Parish Transport Rep: the results of the recent survey will be published in December.

10. Administrative matters:
i) Reallocation of duties:
  Planning:  Mr Fraser will take the lead in arranging site visits and liaise with neighbours to ensure   they are aware of Parish Council planning meetings.
iii) Timetable for discussions:
It was agreed that a stricter timetable for discussions should be adhered to.
iv) Councillor’s expenses:
The Parish Council agreed that councillors and others who undertake duties on behalf of the  council should not be out of pocket.  All reasonable expenditure shall be reimbursed and should be  supported by a VAT receipt where possible.
v) Emergency Continuity Planning:  Mr Fraser will deal with this.   SF

11. Finance
i) Invoices for payment since last meeting
a. Clerk’s salary gross £321 (less PAYE £80.25) = £240.75 + expenses £54.95
b. HMRC – payment of clerk’s deducted tax (April-July) £160.50
c. OALC planning course, 3 attendees fees – £108* already paid

The above invoices were approved for payment.

iv) Receipts since last meeting:
  Bank interest May 43p, June 46p
  VAT refund May £7.29, June £14.67
  Donation from Uptonogood, £3,000
  The above receipts were acknowledged.   The clerk to write to the Uptonogood committee    thanking them for their donation which is to be earmarked towards the Playground. Clerk

12. Correspondence recently received
i) letter from Ben Lott suggesting Scarecrow Trail as fundraiser for Playground:
  it was agreed that this is a good idea and could be combined with some other village activity, eg    the Fete. Dr Lott was asked to pursue this through Mrs West.    RL
ii) invitation to Civic Service in Christchurch Cathedral on 18th October.  Mr Shaw agreed to attend.

13.  Date for next meeting
The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th September 2011
It was noted that the date set for the Annual Parish Meeting falls on a Bank Holiday and therefore needs to  be changed.

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk
9th August 2011