Minutes of Meeting 20th September 2011

Attendees: Dr R Lott (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mrs L Shaw, Mrs C Lightfoot (clerk)
Part time: Mr W Betts, Mrs R Caffyn, Mrs K Langley, Mr D Mason, representing the Playground Working Group
Councillors J Shelley & S Lilly
1 member of the public
1.   Apologies received from Mr J Dickens and Mr B Shaw

2. Declarations of Interest
Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered.   Mrs Shaw registered an interest in Item 8.

3. Minutes of meetings held on 19th July, and extraordinary meetings held on 2nd, 8th & 22nd August 2011,
having been previously circulated, were agreed to be a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising:
a)   Parish Council Meeting on 19th July:
  i) High Voltage Cable:  it was agreed that the state in which the trench had been left     presented a risk to users of the recreation ground.  The Chairman to email Mr Couling of    Southern & Scottish Electricity to request that the recreation ground be reinstated.  RL
  ii) Roundels in Chilton Road – see Item 11(i)
iii) Aims & Objectives 2011/2012: a draft had been circulated to members.  Councillors  agreed that this fairly represented the Parish Council’s Aims and Objectives. 
Dr Lott proposed that the Aims and Objectives document be ratified, seconded by Mrs  Shaw, all were in favour.
iv) Caravan Rally – Terms & Conditions:  councillors were asked to forward their suggestions for the T&Cs to Mrs Shaw who will coordinate a draft statement for discussion at the next PC meeting.  Mrs Shaw said that she had spoken informally to the Chairman of UVHAT
to provide the agreed update raised at the PC. No issues arising. A discussion on repairs of  sewer and proposal for separate charging for the Hall for the Caravan Rally in particular to  cover costs was proposed. Mrs Shaw proposed that T & Cs were raised for discussion at   next UVHAT Meeting.        LS
b)    Extraordinary meetings held on 2nd, 8th & 22nd August were taken under item (9)
5. PCSO’s report – in the absence of a PCSO there was no report

6. County Councillor’s Report
In his report, Mr Lilly, commented on the subsidised bus review.  This is reported further at Item 11(ix).
He spoke about the “Science Vale Enterprise Zone”, encompassing Didcot and Harwell, which will have the positive effect of future funding for the Harwell and Chilton relief road.  He referred to the Stewardship Fund, specifically for Parish Councils, which is to be used to improve public access and highway improvements, eg the cycle path to Blewbury and the protection of footpaths being possible contenders for funding.

Mr Lilly mentioned “SAVA” an organisation that can help with information about where funding is available.  The Clerk to obtain more information from Mr Lilly and pass to Mr Mason and Mrs Caffyn.       Clerk

Salt Bins:  in addition to topping up the salt bins, Highways is offering a tonne of salt to each Parish Council as a reserve.   Councillors agreed that we should take advantage of this.  Clerk to advise Mr Lilley accordingly.    Clerk

7. District Councillor’s Report
Mrs Shelley noted that: 2 hours free parking is being introduced from 1st December; and waste sacks are being delivered to those properties inaccessible for bin collections.
She asked to be notified of any young people (11-18 years) who would like to be involved with the Young People’s Exchange, a forum to promote and encourage positive activities for this age group.
Mrs Shelley said that she had attended a Group Meeting which tackled planning issues, including core strategy, with garden grabbing being further examined. 
Mrs Shelley recommended www.fixmystreet.com as a useful website for notifying issues to the Vale.

8. Presentation on Playground Project 
i) Mr Mason reported that the Playground Working Group’s task had been to understand the optimum way of  providing an exciting play space for children.  Widespread consultation had taken place through Upton News, with a survey to parents, visits to local schools and publicity at Uptonogood and the Fete.  He said that the Working Group’s fund raising efforts had realised £50,000 to date.  Illustrations showing typical playground layouts and costings were displayed.  The Working Group’s preferred next step is to get 3 manufacturers to tender.  This process would be undertaken in liaison with Nicole O’Donnell, Oxfordshire Playing Fields Association’s Community Development Officer.
The general consensus was that the new Playground be sited in the area of the ball wall.  Dr Lott expressed a view that the existing play equipment be left in situ for the time being.
The Working Group was thanked for the tremendous effort achieved so far by the Working Group.

i) Dr Lott proposed that Mr J Dickens be nominated as the Parish Council’s signatory for the WREN contract.  This was seconded by Mrs L Shaw, all councillors were in favour.

9. Planning
  i) 11/01527/FUL – this planning application, pertaining to the erection of a detached 2/3    bedroom chalet dwelling at land adjacent to Jasmine, Chilton Road, was considered at the    extraordinary PC meeting held on 8th August.   The Parish Council objected to this proposal for 3    reasons which included unresolved issues relating to drainage.  The Parish Council was in    agreement that although the architect, Mr McWilliam had subsequently furnished further     information on the drainage system, the council were not in a position to make further comment    on this application.  The Parish Council’s earlier objection to this application remains as     stated at the extraordinary Meeting on 8th August 2011.  

  ii) 11/01787/FUL – demolition of existing conservatory, erection of single storey rear    extension at Flett Cottage, High Street.   Plans had been circulated to members in advance of the    meeting.   Councillors agreed that they had no objections to this proposal.  Clerk to advise the Vale   accordingly.          Clerk

  iii) 11/01514/FUL – remodelling Porch & Hall, Strathfield House.  It was noted that this has     been permitted
  iv) 12955/5 – revised vehicular access, Elms Rise.  It was noted that his has been permitted.
  v) 11/01075/FUL – land at Scotlands Ash:  following consideration by the Development     Control Committee, this application has been permitted.

  vi) 11/00537/FUL – Sine Nomine:  following consideration by the Development Control     Committee, this application has been permitted.

  vii) 11/01364/FUL – erection of single dwelling at land adjacent to the George & Dragon.     It was noted that this application has been withdrawn.

  viii) Concerns over Fieldside & Hitherto: Chairman to discuss with Councillor Shelley -     ongoing.           JD
   The clerk has received no response from the Vale Planning department following     her email regarding the red ridge tiles on these properties.  Clerk to chase a reply. Clerk

10.        Villagers’ Forum:
Complaints had been received from parishioners regarding stench from new sewer works in the vicinity of  Stream  Road/Reading Road junction.   The Chairman reported that work had been carried out by  Thames  Water on 15th September.  It is hoped that the stench will now abate.

11. Reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility
i) Roads and Footpaths – broken white gate on A417 on approaching village from Blewbury.
Mr Norman will contact Highways with regard to this.    SN
  Roundels in Chilton Road:  Mr Norman reported that Highways expect to complete these within
  4-6 weeks.         SN
ii) Amenities including Recreation Ground
§ QEII Field status – ongoing     JD
iii) Young Parishioners including Play Area.  Dr Lott will undertake an inspection.    RL
  To date no report has been received following ROSPA’s inspection.
iv) Village Hall: a date has yet to be set for the next UVHAT meeting.
v) Communications: nothing specific to report on Upton News.  Mrs Shaw raised the question of whether the Parish Council should help with the printing costs.  The web site is being
updated by Mr Shaw.
vi) Volunteer Group: it was noted that Mr Tibbetts had cut the hedge between the play area and the road.
Road Salting:  it was agreed that in the event of an excessive snow fall the Volunteer Group should  aim to salt the road from Station Road to the junction with the A417.
vii) N.A.G. the next meeting takes place on 26th September
viii) UKAEA Stakeholders Committee: the next meeting is on 2nd December 2011
ix) Parish Transport Rep: the outcome of the bus review is that Upton’s bus service will be operated  by Thames Travel, with effect from December.  Additional services will run in the morning and  better connections will be made with the X32 (express service from Didcot to Oxford).
12. Finance
i) Invoices for payment since last meeting
a. Clerk’s salary gross £321 (less PAYE £80.25) = £240.75
b. Vale of White Horse DC* – £23.33 (dog bin emptying)
c. Waste Recyling Group Ltd* – £5176.60  payment to unlock grant for Playground
d. Mr M Brown £146.51. (BG Sports- £51.48, repairs to goal posts, and £95.03 fuel for mower)
e. Churn Benefice – £100, in respect of printing Upton News from April-July 2011
f. Vale of White Horse DC – £100 fee for uncontested election.

Payments were approved.  Items marked* were agreed and paid prior to the meeting.

ii) Receipts since last meeting:
  Bank interest July 45p, August 49p
  VAT refund July £18
  Precept – 2nd half year payment – £3250
The receipts were noted.
iii) Mr Norman distributed a half-year statement of account, projected to 30th September (copy filed  with the minutes).  This will be used as a basis for setting next year’s precept at the November meeting.
13. Correspondence recently received from the Vale
i) Town & Parish Council Forum – 23 November 2011 
ii) Chairman’s Charity Dinner
iii) Charge for additional salt
iv) Snow Day – invitation to Drayton Highways, 29th October
All correspondence has been circulated by email to members.

14.  The next meeting is scheduled for 15th November 2011
The date for the Annual Parish Meeting was confirmed as Monday 16th April 2012

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk
Tel:  01235 850486
24th September 2011