Minutes of Meeting 15th November 2011

Present:   Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mrs L Shaw, Mrs C Lightfoot (clerk) Part Time – PCSO M Clayden, Councillor J Shelley

1.   Apologies received from Dr B Lott, Mr B Shaw, Councillor S Lilley

2. Declarations of Interest
Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered. None recorded

3. Minutes of meetings held on 20th September, and extraordinary meeting held on 25th October 2011 having been previously circulated were agreed to be a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising:
a)   Parish Council Meeting on 20th September:
   i) High Voltage Cable – reinstatement of recreation ground  now complete.
   ii) Roundels in Chilton Road – Highways have completed the roundels.
iii) Aims & Objectives for 2011/2012, having been previously agreed, are now posted on the website 
iv) Caravan Rally – terms and conditions – Mrs Shaw is progressing this.  LS
v) Concerns over stench at top of Stream Road/Reading Road.  Thames Water have begun  putting chemicals into the sewer and the smell has abated.  The Parish Council agreed to keep a watching brief on this situation and if necessary send a strongly worded letter to Thames Water.
vi) Winter Emergencies: salt spreader – Mr Fraser showed the meeting information on 3 spreaders.  The consensus of the meeting was that the mid-range machine (~£330) would suit our purposes.  Mr Fraser will source a machine.    SF
Transport during bad weather:  Mr Fraser proposed that a list of people with 4x4s who  would be willing to provide transport during inclement weather be drawn up.
A note to go in the December Upton News.     BS
(vii) Cleaning bus shelter – Mr Dickens reported that he is happy to keep the bus shelter tidy.   He said that it was not an onerous task but if it becomes burdensome he will get a rota of  volunteers to undertake this on a regular basis.

b) Extraordinary meeting held on 25th October:
i) Planning issues taken under item (8)
ii) Playground – ITT.  After discussion it was agreed that Mr Dickens will contact the  Working Group to request that an optional cost be requested in the ITT for fencing.            JD
5. PCSO’s report:  PCSO Clayden said that the new non-emergency telephone number for Thames Valley Police (TVP) is now 101.  He mentioned that TVP are stepping up their activity to catch hare coursers.   Residents should be aware of “Nottingham Knockers”, a group of young persons knocking on doors selling household goods. He said that unless they are carrying a pedlars’ licence signed by the TVP Chief Constable they are not permitted to pedal their wares.  A recent speed check on the A417 had been carrrid out resulting in 140 vehicles going through the check with 5 found to be speeding.  This group will each receive an advisory letter.   PCSO Clayden left a number of “we do not buy or sell at this door” notices for distribution following concerns about unsolicited callers.

6. County Councillor’s Report: there was no report in Mr Lilley’s absence.  Mr Lilley will be sending a report to Sarah Sayers for inclusion in Upton News.


7. District Councillor’s Report
Mrs Shelley spoke about the Vale’s Interim Housing Supply Policy (IHSP) which is an endeavour to increase the housing stock, including affordable houses, to 1,000 by 2014.   It is proposed to relax some planning policies with encroachment on green belt land.    The IHSP is currently out for consultation.

8. Planning
  i) 11/01527/FUL – erection of a detached 2/3 bedroom chalet dwelling at land adjacent to     Jasmine, Chilton Road.  The Vale’s Development Control Committee meeting      approved this application on 9th November 2011 subject to 13 conditions.
  ii) 11/01787/FUL – demolition of existing conservatory, erection of single storey rear     extension at Flett Cottage, High Street.  This application has been permitted.
iii) 11/01514/FUL – remodelling Porch & Hall, Strathfield House.  This application has been  permitted.
iv) 11/02001/FUL – erection of single storey garage, Tadpoles, Stream Road.
The Vale’s decision is still awaited
v) 11/02429/FUL – erection of single storey extension, Torpids, High Street.  The Vale’s  decision is awaited.
  iv) Concerns over issues relating to Fieldside & Hitherto:  The Chairman raised issues with     Councillor Shelley who advised that the Vale’s enforcement officers try to work with     applicants to resolve issues.  Mrs Shelley agreed to raise the matter of objectors details     being available on the Vale’s portal, which has on occasions caused embarrassment. JS            
9.          Villagers’ Forum – in the absence of any villagers, there was no discussion.

10. Reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility
i) Roads and Footpaths – broken gate on A417 on approach to village from Blewbury has been reported to Highways by Mr Norman (Ref no 455912)
The clerk was asked to write to Highways to complain that neither Chilton Road residents nor the  Parish Council were informed of the Chilton Road closure.    Clerk
ii) Amenities including Recreation Ground
§ QEII Field status.   The application, having been circulated to members for agreement,
       will now be submitted by the Chairman.      JD 
iii) Young Parishioners including Play Area:  Mr Fraser and  Mr Dickens will undertake repairs as highlighted in the ROSPA report.       JD/SF
Playground checks:  the clerk will circulate check sheets to those who have agreed to check the  playground.   It was suggested that the check be made on a monthly basis.  Clerk
iv) Village Hall: the next UVHAT meeting is to be held on 29th November
v) Communications: Mr Shaw has been made aware that although he is posting documents to the web   site they are not automatically uploaded.  Contact to be made with Mr Rippon to ensure that the    process is working correctly.          BS
vi)  Volunteer Group: it was agreed that leaf clearing, snow clearing and tidying humps be the subject   of attention in due course.
vii) N.A.G. – no report
viii) UKAEA Stakeholders Committee: a letter had been received from Research Sites Restoration  Limited are making preparations to plan for decommissioning the Harwell Liquid Effluent  Treatment Plant.
ix) Parish Transport Rep:  the new timetable comes into effect in December.
11. Finance
i) Invoices for payment since last meeting
a. Clerk’s salary gross £321 (less PAYE £80.25) = £240.75
b. HMRC – clerk’s tax deducted at source £160.50* – (2nd quarter)
c. Vale of White Horse DC – £23.33 (dog bin emptying)
d. Playsafety (playground inspection) £86.40*
e. BDO audit fee £192*
* these invoices have been paid prior to the meeting
Members agreed that all invoices should be paid.


ii) Receipts since last meeting:
  Bank interest for September and October, totalling £1.14p was noted
iv) Adopt audited accounts:  Mr Norman proposed that the accounts be adopted, this was seconded by Mr Dickens, with all in favour, subject to a minor amendment being made to the Governance Statement, paragraph 9.
v) The Precept for 2012-2013 was discussed.   Mr Norman proposed that the precept be kept at  £7,250, this was seconded by Mr Dickens, with all in favour.  The clerk to confirm with the Vale.

v) Internal Auditor.  The Chairman told the meeting that Mr Simpson who had acted as internal auditor for a number of years, had indicated that he wished to stand down from this position.
SODC are proposing to offer internal audit services but it was agreed that we should, in the first  instance, enquire within the village if there is anybody willing to undertake this role. LS
12. Correspondence
i) Interim Housing Supply policy
ii) Vale Corporate Plan consultation
vi) Town & Parish Forum – 23 November
vii) CPRE October briefing
viii) Vale News October briefing
All correspondence has been circulated by email or hard copy.
13.  Date for next meeting.  The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 17th January 2012