Minutes of Meeting 17th January 2012


Minutes of meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall on
Tuesday 17th January 2012 at 8.00 pm

Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mr B Shaw, Mrs L Shaw, Mrs C Lightfoot (Clerk)
Part time: Mrs J Shelley (District Councillor)
Mr W Betts, Mrs R Caffyn, Mr D Mason (Playground Working Party)

1.   Apologies received from Dr Lott

2. Declarations of Interest
Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered. None recorded

New Playground Presentation  
The Chairman invited representatives of the Playground Working Party to update the meeting on progress to date.  Mr Betts said that the Invitation to Tender (ITT) document had been sent out to 6 companies all of whom had responded.  The Working Party is in the process of examining these tenders to establish whether our requirements had been met, looking particularly at design, hygiene factors, aesthetics, and the company’s experience.  The Working Party will investigate the possibility of “no mow” grass around the play equipment in order to facilitate keeping the area tidy and adequate space allowance was requested between play equipment for the lawn tractor access. Mr Dickens suggested that in the future a barrier around the play area may be required to deter dogs.
The Working Party was thanked for their excellent work in moving the New Playground project forward.

3. Minutes of meetings held on 16th November and extraordinary meetings held on 19th December and
4th January 2012, having been circulated in advance of the meeting, were agreed to be a true record and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising:
a)   Parish Council Meeting on 16th November:
i) Caravan Rally – terms and conditions:  Mrs Shaw will draw up brief terms and    conditions in advance of the UVHAT meeting on 21st February.   LS
ii) Stench at top of Stream Road/Reading Road: residents report that this had now abated.
iii) Salt spreader: this has now been purchased and is ready for use
iv) Cleaning bus shelter: the Chairman will keep an eye on the state of the bus shelter  JD
v) Appointment of Internal Auditor:  Mr Powell has agreed to undertake this task.  Mrs Shaw proposed that Mr Powell be appointed auditor, this was seconded by Mr Dickens, with all in favour.  The clerk will contact Mr Powell and suggest that he speaks to Mr Simpson in order to understand what is required.  Clerk to write to thank Mr Simpson for his diligence in undertaking the Internal Auditor’s role over a number of years.          Clerk
b) Matters arising from extraordinary meetings held on 19th December & 4th January 2012 were taken under Agenda Item 8
5. PCSO’s report: in the absence of the PCSO no report was received.

6. County Councillor’s Report: in Mr Lilley’s absence no report was received

7. District Councillor’s Report
Mrs Shelley reported that she had received a positive response that the two parishes of West Hagbourne and Upton would not be merged as an outcome of the IHSP exercise.
Waste storage at Harwell: she mentioned that the East Hendred Parish Council were concerned following the report that additional waste is planned to be stored at Harwell.   After discussion it was agreed to ask our UKAEA Stakeholder Representative (Dr Whitmell) to advise on this.  See Item 10(viii).
She also reported that an Electoral review briefing had been carried out and VOWH would have to reduce the total number of councillors from 51 to 34, this would not affect Upton. A VOWH town and parish core strategy workshop was held which determined housing developments were required for up to 400 to 500 houses for the strategy to 2028/29.

8. Planning
  i) 11/01527/FUL – erection of a detached 2/3 bedroom chalet dwelling at land adjacent to    Jasmine, Chilton Road.  It was noted that permission has been granted with     conditions.
  ii) 11/02001/FUL – erection of single storey garage, Tadpoles, Stream Road.
This application has been permitted.
iii) 11/02429/FUL – erection of single storey extension, Torpids, High Street.  Permission  has been granted.
  iv) 11/02791/FUL – Torpids proposed erection of 2 bay car port.  Proposed widening of    existing access – PC had no objections.  The Vale’s decision is awaited*
  v) 11/02900/FUL, Littlecote  proposed erection of single and two storey extensions.     Erection of garage and car port with home office/gym over.  The PC had no objections.     The Vale’s decision is awaited

9.          Villagers’ Forum – in the absence of villagers no forum took place.

10. Reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility
i) Roads and Footpaths: Mr Norman reported that OCC have ordered a replacement gate for that which is damaged at the east end of the village on A417.
ii) Amenities including Recreation Ground:
· QEII Field status:  Mr Dickens said that there were arguments both in favour and against applying for QEII status.  It was agreed that the clerk would contact Mr Simpson (our retiring auditor) to seek his advice on the matter.     Clerk
      A note to be put in Upton News seeking parishioners views on the matter.   BS
· Dog Bins:  The chairman reported that a villager had enquired whether an additional dog bin could be provided at the end of the footpath beside the church.  Councillors were not convinced that the ongoing cost of emptying a third bin could be justified.  This topic will be raised at the Annual Parish Meeting.       Clerk
iii) Young Parishioners including Play Area: 
· Mr Shaw reported that a young parishioner had suggested we might hold a film night, appealing to all ages, in the village hall on a regular basis. 
      Mr Shaw will follow this up. It was noted that whilst the PC is keen to encourage and assists village recreational activities where appropriate this not PC business.
iv) Village Hall: nothing to report
v) Communications: the January/February Upton News is awaited.
vi)  Volunteer Group:
  Litter Pick:  Mr Brown had volunteered to organise the annual litter pick.  Clerk to contact
  Mr Brown asking if he would arrange this for either 17th or 24th March**   Clerk
  The Vale to be asked to provide signs warning of litter pickers in road.
vii) N.A.G.
Mrs Davies had emailed the clerk saying that she would like to stand down from NAG duties.  The Clerk to write thanking Mrs Davies for her past service.  A new representative to be sought.***           Clerk


viii) UKAEA Stakeholders Committee:
· Dr Whitmell to be asked to advise on the matter of additional waste to be stored at Harwell, as reported in the local press.       Clerk
ix) Parish Transport Rep:
Mrs West advised that the service was getting better after the initial start but they do not always  run on time.   The new bus operator uses a number of different drivers who have to get used to  the route.  
11. Finance
i) Invoices for payment since last meeting
  i) Derwent Weighing (salt spreader) £318.56*
  ii) half yearly repayment on loan £412.91, paid by direct debit
iii) Clerk’s salary:  Gross £321, less PAYE £80.25 = £240.75
iv) Kalehurst Garden Machinery (mower servicing) £325.37
*this invoice had already been paid
  The meeting approved payment of these invoices.

ii) Receipts since last meeting:
i) Bank interest Nov 42p, Dec 40p
ii) HMRC repayment of VAT: Nov £24.15, Dec £46.46
  Receipts were noted by the meeting.

iii) Accounts to 31st December:
Mr Norman distributed a summary of expenditure and receipts as at 31st December, showing a    bank balance of £8855.97, which aligns with our forecasts.
12. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations
The Clerk said that no response had been received following the note in Upton News.
Mr Shaw agreed to write a piece encouraging anyone with ideas on how we might celebrate the  Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to come forward with a view to setting up a working party. BS
Mrs Shelley said that the Vale were considering funding mugs for the Diamond Jubilee.

13. Correspondence
High Sheriff Awards:   this issue had been dealt with by email.  Clerk to advise the High Sheriff’s  office accordingly.

14.  Date for next meeting: it was noted that the next meeting will be held on Tuesday 20th March 2012

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk
Tel:  01235 850486
24th January 2012

Clerk’s notes:
*    Planning application 11/02791/FUL: since this meeting, the Vale has advised that this application is                                                                    permitted.
**  Litter Pick – clerk has advised Mr Brown that 24th March is the preferred date.
***Mr Lightfoot has volunteered to act as NAG representative