Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 3rd April 2012


Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Upton Parish Council
in the Village Hall,
on Tuesday 3rd April 2012 at 7.00 pm

Present:  Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mrs L Shaw, Mr B Shaw
Mrs C Lightfoot (clerk), and 20 parishioners

1.     Apologies received from Dr Lott.

2.    Declarations of Interest
Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in  any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is  asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item  in question has been considered. Mrs L Shaw and Mr B Shaw declared an interest at item 3(ii).

3. Planning matters:

(i) Planning Application:
P12/V0645/ZZZ – Hedgewell, High Street. Extensions and alterations to create a 2 storey    dwelling with rendered walls.  Applicant Mr V Woolgar

The Chairman opened the meeting, suspended regulations, and invited comments from parishioners.
The meeting reconvened and taking account of parishioners comments the Parish Council unanimously agreed that this application be refused on the following grounds:

· The development is over dominant and not in harmony with adjacent dwellings;
· The design density, scale and appearance is inappropriate for the plot size and location;
· The proposed development will have a negative impact on neighbouring properties creating loss of privacy, overshadowing and loss of light;
· Highway safety issues – parking is already difficult in this narrow part of High Street and will be further exacerbated. The application will generate more traffic and parking problems given the intended size, number of bedrooms and minimal parking afforded for the proposed development.

Clerk to advise the Vale Planning Department that the Parish Council refuses this application.   Clerk

(ii) Interim Housing Supply Policy (IHSP): comment on screening submitted by Mr de Wilde, Beeching Close

Mrs Shaw and Mr Shaw withdrew from this part of the meeting which took the form of an open forum.

Mr Fraser explained to the meeting that in order to address the shortfall in the housing supply the Vale is interested in proposals for parcels of land to supplement those which already have planning permission.  Under IHSP relaxation of selected local plan policies occurs.  Landowners were invited to submit potential housing sites for consideration. The policy requires that sites are to be:

· Suitable
· Sustainable
· Growth proposed is proportionate for the location
· Deliverable (ie would have to be built within 12 months of  development being agreed under IHSP)


Mr Dickens stated for clarification that this is screening for potential developments at this stage and any permitted development would still have to go through the normal planning application stages. The proportional growth requirement for the village is projected to be 12 new residences by 2016 and this screening application is for 4. At this point we are simply invited to comment on the proposal.

A discussion then ensued and questions were raised.

The question of access was raised.  Mr de Wilde said that access to the site had not been fully explored,  however it would be via a private road over which current residents have rights of access.  Mr de Wilde explained that the development would be on the old railway embankment which incorporated part of the old railway goodsyard which is brownfield,   In order to clean the site a metre would have to be taken off the top of the land.  Mr de Wilde said that in his view this development would have the least impact on the village if the village’s housing stock has to be increased.

Parishioners commented:

This is an extension of the village line.
The land is amenity land and not brownfield and a refusal for change of use to an orchard had occurred in 1989.
The visibility of the development would not be beneficial to the character of the village.
There would be significant disruption from traffic if materials need removal from the site.
The access is a private road with access rights for the current dwellings of 5 in number. To increase the development to 9 houses with the same access is not viable and the access is very narrow.

The chair requested if there were any positive comments to be presented in favour of the proposal and reminded the parishioners that consideration should be given to the potential requirement of 12 dwellings to be located within the village.

No positive comments were forthcoming.

The Chair advised that the PC would forward these comments to the VOWH.  He thanked the parishioners for their attendance and closed the meeting.

Clare Lightfoot
Clerk/Upton Parish Council

4th April 2012