Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 18th June 2012

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall,  on Monday 18th June 2012 at 7.30 pm 

Present:  Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Dr R Lott, Mr S Norman, Mrs L Shaw, Mrs C Lightfoot (clerk)

Part time:  Mr B Arnold, Mrs B Arnold, Mr W Betts, Mrs R Caffyn, Mr G de Wilde, Mrs R de Wilde.

1Apologies received from Mr B Shaw

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered.  Mrs Shaw declared an interest at Item 3(i), being the owner of property adjacent to the Recreation Ground.

3. Recreation Ground 

(i) Discussion with Playground Working Group to finalise siting of equipment:

Agreement was reached between all parties on the siting of playground equipment.

The zip wire is to be moved 2 metres in an easterly direction in order to accommodate the return cycle track.  The Chairman signed off the plans.  Dr Lott agreed to liaise with the contractors on their arrival on site. RL 

(ii) Cycle jumps:  Dr Lott suggested that any spoil from the playground could be used in the  reshaping of the humps.

4. Planning Applications

(i) P12/V1234 (District Council Renewal).  Requesting renewal of time limit on P09/V0958 (approved July 2009).  Demolition of existing garage, erection of new garage and studio over, new extension and improvements to Maslina.  Applicants Mr & Mrs Arnold.

The Parish Council, having previously agreed planning application P09/V0958 were unanimously in favour of an extension to this application.

Clerk to advise the Vale of White Horse DC accordingly. Clerk

(ii) P12/V1274/FUL –Ingham’s Farm, Reading Road, Upton.

Demolition of 1957 farm building and replace with farm workshop.  Applicant Mr R Napper.

The plans, having been previously circulated, were discussed.  The Parish Council agreed to respond that it had no strong views on the application. The clerk to advise the Vale of White Horse DC accordingly. Clerk

5. Items for noting

(i) Dr Lott reported on the success of Uptonogood which took place on Saturday 16th June.  He requested that the signage be stored on racking in the “tractor shed”.  This was agreed in principle.

(ii) Purchase of Gazebo: Dr Lott proposed that we investigate the purchase of a large gazebo for communal use.  This was seconded by Mr Dickens.  Mr Fraser was tasked with returning to the July meeting with a proposal. SF

(iii) Flooding in Stream Road:  Mr Dickens reported that the culvert in Stream Road had flooded in 2 places.  The Chairman will pursue this with Highways. JD

(iv)  Caravan on the Lynch Way:  a caravan and occupant has been parked on the Lynchway since the beginning of May.  This has been checked out by the area PCSO.  Since a complaint has now been received from Mr Lay who farms the land this will be pursued and appropriate action taken.

(v) Clerk’s Resignation:  Mrs Lightfoot has stated that she will be resigning from the post at the end of the financial year.  The post will be advertised following the July meeting.

Clare Lightfoot

Clerk/Upton Parish Council

19th June 2012