Minutes of Meeting 18th September 2012

Minutes of a Meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall on

Tuesday 18th September 2012 at 8.00 pm 

Present:  Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Dr R Lott, Nr S Norman, Mr B Shaw, Mrs L Shaw, Mrs C Lightfoot (Clerk)

Part time: Mr S Lilly, Mrs J Shelley, Mr J Carpenter

1.  Apologies were received from Mr Fraser

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered.  Mrs Shaw and Mr Shaw declared an interest at Item 10(iii).

3. Minutes of meeting held on 17th July 2012. The Minutes were agreed to be a true record and signed by the Chairman, subject to the following amendments:

Para 9(ii), the penultimate sentence to read:  After discussion the Parish Council were in favour of fully supporting the application…..;

Para 12 “Code of Conduct” to read:

The Chairman proposed that:

  1. the code of conduct adopted by Vale of White Horse District Council be adopted as the code for members and co-opted members of the Upton Parish Council with immediate effect, to replace the current code of conduct; and
  2. the clerk be requested to notify the monitoring officer of Vale of White Horse District Council of the passing of the above resolution” CL

4. Matters arising:

Parish Council Meeting on 20th May:

(i) Aims & Objectives – Mr Dickens to circulate the Aims and Objectives for comment.

(ii) Clerk’s vacancy has now been advertised on the village website and noticeboard.

5.  PCSO’s report – there was no report in the absence of a PCSO.

6.  County Councillor’s Report:  Mr Lilly reported on a number of issues:  £8m had been set aside to ensure that over the next 3-4years highspeed Broadband is available throughout Oxfordshire.  A full traffic study of the A417 will be carried out in association with the development of the UK Science Enterprise Park.  Great Western Park developers wish to increase the size of the food retail outlet by 2.5 times in the “central village area”.

Mr Lilly anticipates an increase of the stewardship fund over which he has discretion.  He commented that there will be a loss of revenue associated with the closure of Didcot Power Station.

7.  District Councillor’s Report:  Mrs Shelley said the proposed Boundary Commission changes would increase her ward from a population of 1600 to 2600.  The Cabinet had met to consider the impact of IHSP, however no alternative had been forthcoming.  Mrs Shelly explained that the VOWH Core Strategy plan will be developed  from the National Planning Policy Framework.  The Core Strategy will be in place for 2014. Neighbourhood Plans may be potentially unsuitable if not in accordance with the core strategy and are expensive. The Faringdon plan cost £20K. VOWH is investigating the possibility of funding assistance for neighbourhood plans in the future. Council Tax Benefit was in the spotlight due to a 10% reduction from Central Government, the Vale is consulting on how this might be recouped.   She said that pensioners and vulnerable people should be no worse off.

8.  Villagers’ Forum:

  • Traffic Calming measures on A417.

 Mr Lilly stated that he has put in train the following: 30MPH VAS sign on western approach to the village, refresh road markings on A417, remove 50MPH sign close to village approach.   These actions will be completed as his budget allows. Mr Lilly will consult with Highways on the “wish list” of proposals for traffic calming as drawn up by Mr Norman. (list attached to these minutes).

9.  Planning

(i) P12/V1392HH – garden room at Cherry Tree Cottage – decision awaited

(ii) P12/V1482/O – outline application for 3 properties at Maslina.  This application will be  taken at the Vale’s planning committee in October.

(iii) Wattle Cottage: an enforcement order has been issued to stop the work proceeding.   The landowner has appealed against the refusal of the application.

(iv) Details pursuant to condition 9 & 10 of planning permission UPT/3451/15-CM  – Prospect Farm, Chilton.  Councillors to research this application and forward comments to the clerk in order to formulate a response to OCC. The PC was in agreement that “in any event there should be no detrimental affect on the AONB.” ALL

10.  Reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility:

(i) Roads and Footpaths

  • BOAT 389/14 (Pound Lane)  – flooding & overgrowth issues.  A “round robin” letter had been sent to residents requesting attention be given to overgrowth and the necessity of keeping the ditch cleared.  It was agreed to send an annual polite reminder to residents in March.  Clerk
  • Coffin Way:  a watching brief is being kept regarding the footpath to Blewbury.  The planting of a hedgerow across Coffin Way was mooted.  The RHS is offering trees as part of a National campaign to plant more trees.  Mr Norman will speak to Mr Maytham about this.  SN

(ii) Young Parishioners:

  • New Playground:  clerk to contact Oxfordshire Playing Fields Assn to seek advice on health and safety notices.  It was agreed that the present sign be anchored down.  Clerk to write on behalf of the PC to Mike Hodges for handcrafting the sign.  CL

ROSPA to be contacted for a quote for the annual maintenance of the new playground. CL

Kompan Warranty:  Mr Dickens and Dr Lott to examine the information received from Kompan in order to fully understand the implications of the warranty. RL/JD

Use of old playground – a note will be inserted in Upton News seeking parishoners views on how the original playground might be used.

(iii) Village Hall: Caravan Meet requested for Easter 2013: a number of issues were raised.  After discussion the Chairman said that the Rally needed to be managed.  Clerk was asked to contact Mrs West with the request that a meeting be held between a Parish Councillor and the Caravan organisers.  Dr Lott will draw a map defining the area in which the caravans are to be parked. RL

Access to the playground should not impeded thus preventing village children from using the facility over the Easter holiday.

(iv)  Communications:  Mr Shaw reported that issues relating to the website had been addressed.  Mr Shaw will continue to liaise with Mrs Sayers on items for Upton News.  BJS

(v) Volunteer Group: working party required to tidy tractor shed – ongoing  RL/SF/MT

(vi) N.A.G.  Mrs Shelley reported that there is a decrease in PCSO patrols, due to the responsibility of patrolling Milton Park.

(vii) UKAEA Stakeholders Committee – nothing to report

(viii) Parish Transport Rep – no report

11.  Finance:

(a)  Adoption of audited accounts:  Mr Shaw proposed the accounts be adopted, seconded by Mr Dickens, all in favour.

(b) Invoices for payment:

(i)  Clerk’s salary:  Gross £321, less PAYE £64.20 = £256.80

(ii) Kompan – balance on Playground – £12,862.66 – as a goodwill gesture it was agreed to pay £6k subject to Kompan giving a firm date for the installation of the outstanding items.  Clerk to  contact Mrs Caffyn. CL

(iii) M Brown – fuel for mower £65.23

(iv) Kalehurst – mower repairs and service £444.60

(v) ROSPA – inspection of old playground £86.40

(vi) BDO audit fee £162

With the exception of item 11 b(ii) the invoices were agreed for payment.

(c) Receipts since last meeting:

(i) Bank interest July 40p, August 48p

(ii) HMRC repayment of VAT £33.93

(iii) 2nd Half Precept £3625 (to be received 4th October)

The above receipts were noted.  The August repayment of VAT (£9987.11) is in the pipeline.

12.  Correspondence:

The following items of correspondence were noted:

  • Audit Commission – confirming BDO’s appointment as auditor for 5 years from 2012/2013
  • Affordable housing conference 26th September – Mr Fraser to attend
  • Neighbourhood Planning Support – information fromORCC

13.       Next Meeting Date: Wednesday 7th November 2012

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk
Tel:  01235 850486
24th  September 2012