Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 9th October 2012

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall

 Tuesday 9th October 2012 at 8.00 pm 

Attendees:  Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mrs L Shaw, Mrs C Lightfoot (clerk), 7 parishioners

1. Apologies were received from Mr Norman, Dr Lott and Mr Shaw

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered.  None registered

3. Planning:

(i) Planning Application P12/V1976/HH – Hedgewell, High Street.  Applicant Mr V Woolgar

Proposal: demolish garage to side elevation (E).  All proposed single storey.  Infill to rear comprising of new kitchen with cellar under, side aspect (E) leaving side access (0.9m).  Bring front elevation forward to include proposed to side and entrance cover porch.  Finish of flat render to all elevations with replacement of slate tile to roof.  Catch water system to include recycling (grey water), sustainable under floor heating to all floors with increased insulation to all surfaces.

The applicant pointed out that the reference to “with cellar under” should be deleted.  The plans, having been previously circulated were discussed.  The Parish Council agreed that there were no objections to this application.  The clerk to advise the Vale accordingly subject to “with cellar under” being removed from the application. Clerk

(ii) Planning Application by Mr S Cole, Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling, for the application for the replacement of an extant planning permission (proposed Extension of MRF and Waste Transfer Station) in order to extend the time limit for implementation at Chilton Waste Services, Prospect Farm, Chilton.  The Parish Council had no objections to this.  Clerk to advise OCC accordingly with the stipulation that no adverse impact be made to the AONB. Clerk

(iii) Planning Application P12/V1482/O – Maslina.   It was noted that this application is being considered by the Planning Committee on 10th October.

4.  Coffin Way: Mr Fraser said that we should consider contacting the Woodland Trust as an alternative supplier of trees.  In principle it was agreed that a hedge across Coffin Way would be desirable.  It was pointed out that if two hedges were planted in parallel potential safety issues need consideration.  The Chairman proposed that further discussions be held involving the landowner he also stated that the point at  which the footpath went past the Upton Fruit Farm apple orchard on the intersection with the track to Frog Alley was outside of our PC boundary and was in the Blewbury PC boundary.  JD

It was noted that the electric fence alongside Coffin Way was restricting the footpath.  Clerk to contact the landowner. Clerk

5. Playground:  in response to the note in Upton News regarding the use of the existing playground, one response had been received to date.   The suggestion made was to transfer the baby swings and rocker from the old playground to the new site, thus keeping the children in one place.  The Chairman will speak to Mrs Caffyn (contact with Kompan) to discuss the logistics of removing the equipment. Health and Safety notices were discussed the Chairman to suggest and circulate some words as a proposal.

6. Overhanging hedge:  the clerk had received a complaint about the overhanging hedge alongside Station Road which compromises visibility when leaving the car park.   The working group to be asked to tackle            trimming this back.

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk
Tel:  01235 850486
18th October  2012