Minutes of Meeting 7th November 2012

Minutes of

Meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall, Small Meeting Room

 On Wednesday 7th November 2012 at 8.00 pm

Attendees:  Dr R Lott (Chairman),  Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mr B Shaw, Ms L Shaw, Mr J Dickens (arrived at item (8)).  Part time:  Councillor J Shelley, PCSO L Webb

1. Apologies – none received

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered. None recorded

3.  Minutes of meeting held on 18th September and the extraordinary meeting held on  9th October 2012 having been previously circulated were agreed to be a true record and signed by Dr Lott.

4. Matters arising:

Parish Council Meeting on 18th September

(i) Aims & Objectives having been circulated to councillors were ratified and will be posted on the web.

(ii) Clerk’s vacancy: it was noted that the closing date for applications is 30 November.

(iii) Coffin Way: tree planting. Dr Lott will liaise with the Sustainable Blewbury Group to discuss the proposal to plant a hedge on one side of Coffin Way from the apple orchard to the mid-way point. Woodland Trust to be approached regarding the supply of suitable hedging. RL

There were no matters arising from the extraordinary meeting held on 9th October.

5.  PCSO’s report: PCSO L Webb reported on the increase in burglaries in the area and urged that any suspicious vehicles or personnel be reported on 101.  He recommended that lights on timers be used in the absence of home owners.  He apologised that the regular Speed Indicator Device (SID) operation had not taken place due to lack of resources.

6. County Councillor’s Report: in councillor Lilly’s absence there was no report.

7. District Councillor’s Report:

Councillor Shelley reported on the additional powers devolved by OCC to the District Council in respect of flooding.  The Vale is now responsible for:

  • Giving consent for structures in streams and ditches, e.g. bridges or pipes
  • Taking action to make sure landowners carry our their duties to maintain water flows
  • Investigate causes of flooding events and making recommendations to alleviate future risks.

Other points of note:

  • a new 24 hour Stop Hate Crime Helpline is now available on 0800 138 1625;
  • the Vale and SODC have scooped the best improved recycling rates prize;
  • Council Taxbases: subject to the Local Government Bill receiving Royal Assent in early November the Vale propose to calculate provisional taxbases to councils by the end of November.

8. Villagers’ Forum:

The clerk had been asked to raise the question of overhanging hedges which are causing obstructions on a number of footpaths.   The council agreed to insert a piece in Upton News asking parishioners to fulfil their obligation to keep hedges trimmed back. BJS

9. Planning

(i)  P12/V1392HH – garden room at Cherry Tree Cottage:  the Vale has not yet advised on their decision on this application.  (Clerk’s note: the Vale’s web site indicates this application has been permitted.)

(ii) P12/V1482/O – outline application for 3 properties at Maslina:  the Vale’s web site states that this application has been refused by the Planning Committee, although no official notification has been received.  Councillor Shelley said that she had attended the Planning Committee meeting and had spoken in favour of the application.

10. Reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility:

(i) Roads and Footpath: nothing further to report

(ii) Young Parishioners:

  • New playground


 Dr Lott has designed an inspection sheet for the new playground which is to be checked on a  weekly basis.  Dr Lott was asked to incorporate the old playground check list into this form.

Dr Lott to compile a rota of volunteers to undertake the inspections. RL

The clerk to file hard copies of the completed sheets.  Clerk

The clerk to contact ROSPA regarding an annual inspection of the playground. Clerk

Web address:  Dr Lott to speak to Mr Rippon with a view to setting up a suitable web address for Playground comments.  RL

  • Use of old playground: it was agreed to maintain the old playground in the interim.  The fence to be repaired.  Consideration to be given to inserting a child proof gate in the fence on thenorth westside of the village hall.

(iii) Village Hall: Caravan Meet Easter 2013: Dr Lott has communicated conditions and a site map to the Caravan and Camping Club organisers.

(iv) Communications: it was noted that the clerk is working with Mr Rippon (webmaster) to maintain compliance of the Parish Council’s publications model.  Mr Shaw will continue to post new information ongoing.  Clerk/BS

(v) Volunteer Group: a working party has tidied the tractor shed.  There are some items to be disposed of and a note will be put in Upton News to establish whether any of said items are required.

It was agreed that Mr Fraser should source a petrol driven strimmer as agreed at meeting held on 17th July 2012  (1207Minutes, item 10(iv))

(vi) N.A.G. the next meeting will be held on 12th November

(vii) UKAEA Stakeholders Committee – nothing to report

(viii) Parish Transport Rep – nothing to report

11.  Finance:

(a) Invoices for payment:

(i) Clerk’s salary:  Gross £321, less PAYE £64.20 = £256.80

(ii) HMRC (Clerk’s PAYE) – £128.40

(iii) Kompan – balance on Playground – £12,862.66

It was agreed to pay items (i) & (ii).

Before item (iii) is paid in full the Council requests clarification from Kompan on the way forward regarding the supply of  fireman’s pole (or substitute),  arranging a final handover, delivery of tensioning tool and instruction  on its use.

Mr Fraser agreed to speak to Mrs Caffyn to fully understand the position. SF

(b) Receipts since last meeting:

(i) Bank interest Sept 54p, Oct 62p

(ii) HMRC repayment of VAT:  Sept – £10,008.42; Oct £125.92

The above receipts were noted.

12.  Correspondence:

a)   Alliance of small villages re planning policy

Mr Fraser indicated an interest in attending.  The clerk to keep him informed of date.  Clerk

b)  Participation is requested in the Oxfordshire Benefit Society (a cooperative aiming to run the Oxfordshire Local Healthwatch from April 2013).

13. Next Meeting Date: 15th January 2013

Clare Lightfoot, Clerk
Tel:  01235 850486
12th November 2012