Minutes of meeting of Upton Parish Council Thursday 30th May 2013

Minutes of meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall on Thursday 30th May 2013 at 8.00 pm

PRESENT: Mr J Dickens (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mrs L Shaw, Mr B Shaw, Mrs A Hoy (Clerk)

Part time: Ms J Shelley (District Councillor)

1. Apologies received from Dr R Lott, Cllr S Lilley and PCSO Michael Claydon

2. Co-option to Council – Mr J Dickens having expressed his wish to resign from the PC, a vacancy had now arisen. This had been announced via the Minutes in the Upton News and had so far resulted in one application from Mrs Gloria Smith. It was agreed that a notice of the vacancy should be placed on the parish noticeboard. Clerk to action.

3. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman – having previously expressed his willingness to serve, Dr Lott was nominated for the role of Chairman by Mr Shaw; this was unanimously agreed and he was duly elected. After discussion, Mr S Fraser was nominated by Mr Dickens for the role of Vice Chairman, seconded by Mrs Shaw, and was duly elected.

4. The appointment of Mrs Angela Hoy to the position of Clerk to the Parish Council and Responsible Financial Officer was ratified for the record, subject to a satisfactory three months’ performance.

5. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered. None Registered.

6. Minutes of meeting on 19th March and extraordinary meetings held on 13th April and 3rd May, and Annual Parish Meeting on 16th April, having been previously circulated were agreed to be a true record. With the exception of the minutes for 3rd May which was chaired by Dr Lott, these were signed by the Chairman.

7. Matters arising:

Parish Council Meeting on 19th March:

The bike jumps had now been installed and were enthusiastically received by the local youth population. Shoretrax had now been paid in full for this installation, including extra fencing. VAT to be reclaimed.

Annual Parish Meeting on 16th April

(i) Additional dog bin: after further discussion, Mr Shaw agreed to investigate the cost of an additional bin as well as the charge made by VoWH for emptying it; the need for a further bin was agreed in principle, although the location was not decided. Mr Norman advised that there was an entry in the accounts of £48 for emptying. Additionally it was agreed that there was a need for a further rubbish bin near the playground; Mr Fraser to investigate a design he had seen which had an integral dog tethering point.

(ii) Footpath to Blewbury: The land on which the footpath was situated had now been sold so it would be necessary to negotiate with a new party. In previous discussions with the land agent, he had stated that the proposed hedge would need to be professionally planted and maintenance would need to be agreed before any further progress could be made. To be further discussed.

(iii) Revisiting parish plan: The Parish Council fully endorsed revisiting the Parish Plan as an Aim and Objective, and Mr Shaw volunteered to review the Plan. Mr Fraser agreed to pass his copy of the Plan to Mr Shaw.

8. PCSO’s report – a report had been received by email. Mr Clayden advised there had been a robbery in Upton in early May which was being investigated. Speed checks near the Cider Shop had resulted in five motorists being fined for speeding out of 115 stopped. Mr Clayden had agreed to talk to the young person responsible for recent vandalism at the play area during June. He anticipated attending the Uptonogood cycle event on 15th June; it was agreed that he should be requested (via Dr Lott) to bring his Exhibition trailer and bike marking kits to this event. Dr Lott

9. Villagers’ Forum – no members of the public were present

10. County Councillor’s Report – no report received

11. District Councillor’s Report – Ms Shelley advised that residents were being warned to be on their guard against bogus officials offering council tax refunds. Any such incidents should be reported to the OCC Trading Standards authority. It was suggested this should be publicised in Upton News, Sarah Sayers to be given a copy of the report. A new organisation to give businesses a greater say in the future of the local economy, Vale4Business, had been formed, led by key local business leaders, and would be launched on 17th June. Ms Shelley reported that the Abingdon Abbey Meadow swimming pool had reopened for the summer and would close on 1st September. She reported that £60k had been awarded to 21 community projects; UVHAT had been a beneficiary of this fund. Workshops were being held to publicise capital grants scheme, details on the VoWH website. The consultation period for the Local Plan had ended on 9th May and the Vale was now assessing feedback received. Concern was expressed about the expansion of Didcot into nearby villages, with Upton wishing to maintain its identity as a small village. Ms Shelley agreed to discus this with the Vale and advise the Clerk. Ms Shelley advised that she had been seconded to the VoWH Planning Committee. After discussing the planning matters below, Ms Shelley left the meeting.

12. Planning:

(i) Planning Application P13/V0702/FUL Retrospective application for erection of 6 commercial livery stables and associated buildings, access and car parking. It was Cllr Shelley’s view that this application should not be permitted due to the property being visually prominent within the AONB and its proximity to the George and Dragon pub. UPC had already expressed its strong disapproval of this application to the VoWH.

(ii) Appeal : P12/V14820 Maslina, Reading Road Upton: Outline application for demolition of existing dwelling and erect three dwellings. The Clerk reported that a letter had been received from VoWH advising that an appeal had been lodged against the previous refusal of this application; comments were requested by 18th June. After discussion, it was agreed that UPC would support the appeal as the development was within the curtilage of the village and no detriment to it; UPC had previously supported the application. It would also help UPC to comply with the projected local plan. It was noted however that the location of one of the dwellings could be improved to lessen its impact on the neighbouring property. Mrs Shaw agreed to be present when the VoWH inspector visited the site. Clerk to advise VoWH.

13. Reports from Councillors on areas of responsibility: these were re-stated with responsibilities remaining the same apart from Planning which required an additional councillor.

(i) Roads and Footpaths: it was noted that OCC has agreed to UPC continuing to cut footpaths.

(ii) Young Parishioners: Playground: recent vandalism to the fence would be repaired by the culprit, with an additional gate being installed. RL

(iii) Village Hall: Income was down due to the Caravan Rally having been postponed due to inclement weather. Jessie West was trying to promote events. Although the PC thought a solution would be to raise rates, this was not considered an acceptable to UVHAT. A football team had recently approached the PC to ask about playing on the recreation ground; the Clerk advised she had asked for more information (ages, numbers, times and dates requested etc.) but had not had a reply. Clerk agreed to liaise with Jessie West about this approach. Clerk

(iv) Communications: the new Noticeboard had been erected; it was agreed that two additional keys should be cut, one for the Clerk and another spare. Compliments had been received for the additional information board erected on the recreation ground. RL

(v) Volunteer Group: Nothing to report.

(vi) N.A.G. – Mr Lightfoot had attended a meeting on 20th May; topics discussed were rural crime and hare coursing. Parish Councils might be asked to contribute to the cost of maintaining speed indicator devices (SID).

(vii) UKAEA Stakeholders Committee: nothing to report

(viii) Parish Transport Rep: nothing to report

14. Finance:

(i) Adoption of accounts. Mr Norman circulated copies of the accounts. It was proposed that these be adopted by Mrs Shaw, seconded by Mr Shaw, and unanimously agreed.

(ii) Ratification of Annual Governance Statement: a copy of the Annual Governance Statement was distributed. It was proposed that this be certified as correct, and was signed by Mr Dickens.

Mr Norman was thanked for preparing the accounts, which he would now forward to Mr S. Powell for the internal audit.

(iii) Change of Bank Signatories: Lloyds Bank forms had been signed by Mrs Lightfoot as retiring Clerk and Mrs Hoy as new Parish Clerk, and by Mr Dickens as retiring Chairman/Signatory. Dr Lott has signed as the new cheque signatory. Mr Norman agreed to take the completed forms to the Bank.

(iv) Invoices for payment since last meeting

a) Clerk’s salary: Gross £321, less PAYE £64 + expenses = £287. Mrs Hoy requested monthly payment by BACS with expenses being settled separately via cheque; this was unanimously agreed.

b) Sundry purchases: grass seed, pickets, BG Sports International, Postfix, Shoretrax, Kompan*

c) OALC Training course £42; it was unanimously agreed that Mrs Hoy should attend the OALC training course on Meetings and Minutes being held in June 2013.

The above items were agreed for payment. *chqs sent since last meeting

(v) Receipts since last meeting: HMRC repayment of VAT: March £4.07, April £137.39, VoWH £14.56, £3,625.00.

(vii) Bank interest April 68p. Receipts were noted.

15. Documentation 2012-2013

(i) Aims & Objectives: not discussed.

(ii) Asset Register: Mr Norman had reworked the Asset Register (copy filed with these minutes).

This document is required as part of the Audit of accounts. Mr Fraser agreed to investigate the value of the equipment owned by the PC and amend as necessary. To be discussed at next meeting.

(iii) Risk Register: it was agreed this needed to be reviewed; Clerk to ask Mrs Lightfoot if she has it.

16. Correspondence:

(i) ORCC circular about making your community more dementia friendly.

(ii) VoWH communication that in future Purchase Order numbers would be required to help with efficient running of payments process. A Reply Form for Supplier Payments was attached. Noted.

(iii) Notification by Sally-Anne Worsley of change of property name from Springside Cottage to The Old Bakery in Stream Road; noted.

(iv) OALC – Notice of a Data Protection Course in September at a cost of £65+VAT per head: after discussion it was agreed that a representative from UPC should attend and Mr Fraser volunteered.

17. Meeting Dates: Clerk read out a list of proposed meeting dates for 2013-2014.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 16th July at 8.00 p.m.

Angela Hoy, Clerk
Tel: 01235 851726 31st May 2013