Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting Monday 6th January 2014


Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Upton Parish Council in the Village Hall Meeting Room, Monday 6th January 2014 at 8.00 pm

Attendees: Dr R Lott (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mr R Traynor, Mrs A Hoy (clerk), 3 parishioners

1. Apologies were received from Mrs Shaw and Mr Shaw

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any of the items under consideration at this meeting. Any Member arriving after the start of the meeting is asked to declare personal interests as necessary as soon as practicable after their arrival even if the item in question has been considered. None registered

3. Planning Application P13/V2684/HH (Householder) – Downleigh, Newmans Close, Upton. Applicant Mr Mark Hoey. Proposal Single storey garage extension; raising front gable and conversion of loftspace; two storey rear extension.

Mr Fraser advised that he had spoken to the applicant and visited the neighbour at Winterset who was not objecting to the proposal. A parishioner was present on behalf of the Sunnyside resident. In Public Forum, the parishioner had expressed concern about increased pressure on the waste water with the additional facilities being proposed; this was not considered a problem once the facilities were being used on a regular basis but it was pointed out that any potential blockage should be attended to quickly to avoid build up of waste matter.

It was noted that the applicant’s existing garage extended right to the boundary of the plot and concern was raised about how the builders would gain access to erect the second storey, as well as the ability to maintain the gable end of the building in the future. Also it would appear more dominant from the neighbour’s side, who uses the side passage to access her house. In addition the extra height of the extension would shade the neighbour’s garden, infringing her right to light and privacy.

The meeting reconvened, and it was AGREED to advise the Vale that the Council would not object to the application but had the following comments:

– the rise in height of the new gable end from 2m to 6m would cause shading in the neighbour’s garden;

– access to the site should not be unreasonably withheld but the builders should be considerate in their use of the passageway so as not to inconvenience the neighbour.

The Clerk was requested to convey these comments to the VoWH Planning Department. CLERK

The parishioner was recommended to express the views of the neighbour on the Vale’s website.

4. Planning Application P13/V2648/HH (Householder) – Barn Acre, Stream Road Upton. Applicants Mr & Mrs I Langley. Proposal: Two storey front extension, single storey side and rear extension.

It was noted that this development was to a modern build next to one of the oldest houses in the village, Stocks, which has listed status. The owner of Stocks was invited to voice her objections to the plan. These were (a) the proposed lantern roof on the single storey extension would be visible from her garden and at the very least she would request that screening in the form of 4 ft high trellis be erected on top of the existing fence; and (b) she objected to the closeness of the new build to her boundary, at one point being only 1.6m away and thus having a deleterious effect on the character of the street in general.

The owner also feared that at some future date there might be an attempt to put a second storey on the proposed single storey extension, further eroding the view from her house.

It was explained that the Parish Council was not able to make such requests but that as the new build was next to a listed building, the Vale Planning Department would consider seriously the impact on the character of the area.

The meeting reconvened; it was AGREED that the Vale should be advised that the Council did not object to the application but suggested that the applicant be asked to install the suggested screening to lessen the impact on Stocks. The Clerk was requested to convey these comments to the VoWH Planning Department. CLERK

The parishioner was recommended to express her views to the Vale via the website.

Members of the public left the meeting.

5. Budgets and Precepts 2013/14 – Mr Norman had prepared a spreadsheet showing expenditure in the current year and how it would impact in the following year. It was noted that there would be increased costs in insurance, salaries and maintenance/inspection of additional equipment. No increases had been made in the precept for many years but in the light of these additional costs it was considered unavoidable to increase the precept for the forthcoming year. After discussion it was agreed to demand the sum of £7500, an increase of £250. The Clerk was instructed to send the signed demand to the Vale. CLERK

There being no further business, the meeting closed.

Angela Hoy, Clerk
Tel: 01235 851726
7th January 2014