Minutes of Meeting 15th July 2014


Minutes of a Meeting of Upton Parish Council
Upton Village Hall, Tuesday 15th July 2014 at 8.00 pm
PRESENT: Dr R Lott (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mr R Traynor, Mrs Lesley Shaw, Mr Duncan Reid, Mrs A Hoy (Clerk)

1. Apologies for Absence – None

2. Declarations of Interest
Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any items under consideration at this meeting. Dr Lott declared an interest in the Table Tennis Table, Item 7 (a).

3. Adoption of minutes of meeting(s) on: 20th May, 10th June, 25th June, 1st July, having been previously circulated, were agree to be a true record and were signed by the Chairman.

4. Co-option of Mr Duncan Reid as Councillor on Upton Parish Council; in the absence of any requests from electors for an election and having received approval from Vale of White Horse District Council, Mr Reid was unanimously co-opted as Councillor until formal elections in 2015. The Chairman welcomed Mr Reid to the Council. Mr Reid signed the required Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Register of Members’ Interests forms, which the Clerk was instructed to file, and advise the Monitoring Office at VoWHDC. Clerk

5. Reports

  • County Councillor’s Report – None received
  • District Councillor’s Report – None received
  • PCSO’s report – None received

6. Public Forum: Having declared an interest in Mike Tibbetts’ email requesting a refund of the monies donated by Uptonogood for a Table Tennis Table, Dr. Lott explained that the request was motivated by the belief that the location of the table would now be driven by the Parish Plan and as such a decision would be up to a year away. In the meantime it was felt the money could be better used elsewhere.

7. Matters arising:

Parish Council Meeting on 20th May:
a) Parish plan, progress update: Mr Traynor reported that he had put a notice in the Upton News requesting volunteers to work with him on the revision of the Plan and had received one reply, from Mr Dermot Paddon. Mr Traynor would now approach others who had been suggested to him and form a working group, which should include a geographical as well as an age spread of the village. Mr Reid offered his assistance. Mr Traynor had also contacted Anton Nath of ORCC who might be able to assist with information on grants available. In answer to Mr Traynor’s query, Dr Lott confirmed that it was the PC’s intention to present the Plan to the village at the Annual Parish Meeting in April 2015. It was suggested that the initial questionnaire should be ready for distribution by the time of the Upton Fete on September 6th and an electronic version should also be made available.
b) Replacement of self-propelled mower: Mr Fraser had spoken to Kalehurst Machinery regarding replacement of the mower which could cease to work at any time, although it was hoped it would continue to the end of this grass cutting season. Kalehurst made two recommendations, a John Deere at £850 or a Masport for £550, the latter being a more rugged machine, which would probably suit the conditions better. Dr Lott requested a formal quote and specification, which Mr Fraser undertook to obtain. SF

Extraordinary Meetings on 10th June, 25th June, 7th July (taken under planning)

7. Business to be transacted:
a) Table Tennis Table: Dr Lott left the meeting and Mr Fraser assumed the role of Chairman. After discussion it was agreed to refund the monies already paid to UPC for the TTT and advise Mr Tibbetts that the village would be consulted via the Parish Plan to establish their views on the provision of such a facility and the most desirable location. Mr Fraser reported that the equipment in the ‘old’ playground was due for replacement and it would be sensible to take advantage of this to re-assess revamping of the whole site; items such as permanent chessboards, backgammon and a petanque pitch could also be included, and at the same time providing more parking behind the hall in place of the existing equipment. Mr Fraser requested the Clerk to draft a letter to Mr Tibbetts apologising for the confusion, refunding the money and advising that the TTT project would be postponed until agreement reached via the Parish Plan. Dr Lott resumed the role of Chair. SF and RT to review/Clerk
b) Stream Road: – Dr Lott reported that he had received complaints from residents of Stream Road regarding overgrown vegetation on Prospect Road property, causing the refuse collectors difficulty in reaching the top of Stream Road. Dr Lott noted that Alan Davis had now voluntarily cut back the offending vegetation, although the responsibility of others. Flood prevention- after discussion it was AGREED to hold a dedicated meeting to agree a strategy to prevent future flooding whilst the area was relatively dry. The September 16th PC meeting was suggested. The Clerk was requested to write to Stream Road residents individually (PC to provide names and addresses) inviting them. Clerk
c) Play Area (Rospa Report) – The inspector from Rospa had contacted the Clerk to warn UPC that there was a safety risk in the recreation ground relating to an inadequate depth of bark chippings beneath the various activities. A fix had been undertaken by “forking” to loosen by the bark and redistributing it. It was AGREED to purchase a top-up of ‘Cushion Fall’; Mr Fraser had sourced a supplier via Kompan and would place an order for an appropriate amount, depending on delivery terms. Mr Norman agreed that an amount up to £300 would be within budget. Kompan had also agreed to repair the broken seesaw free of charge and after discussion it was AGREED to go ahead with installation of two rubber tyres supplied by Kompan, to be put in place by a working group. Mr Fraser to progress. SF
d) Recreation Field access: Complaints had been received from the residents of Beeching Close about noise and disturbance from the recreation ground late at night. After discussion it was agreed that Mr Traynor would speak to the residents of Beeching Close to request that they take over shutting the gates at night using a combination lock, and that volunteers be found to open the gates in the morning before the school bus arrived. It was suggested that an item in the Upton News might source volunteers. A notice stating opening and closing times could also be erected at the gates to advise users of the car park. Dr Lott proposed that the gates be closed at dusk in summer months for a trial period, e.g., until the next meeting in September; Mr Reid abstained from the otherwise unanimous vote. Mrs Shaw agreed to speak to UVHAT to advise them of this decision. RT /LS
e) Garage Clearance: Dr Lott reported that there were various items in the shed which needed disposing of (old snooker table, TT table, netball hoops, surplus voting booths, other items); Mrs Shaw agreed to ask UVHAT if any of these items belonged to them and inform UPC whether they wanted to keep them, otherwise they would be taken to the Recycling Centre. LS

8. For noting:


  • P14/V1123/LB Proposed Garden Room – PC objected, application withdrawn
  • P14/V0827/HH Pentreen Stream Road – front and rear extensions, no objection, approval granted
  • P14/V1211/HH Ridgewood Grange, Chilton Road – proposed erection of detached double garage, no objection
  • P14/V1242/HH Downleigh, Newmans Close – proposed single storey garage extension; raising front gable and conversion of loft space; two storey rear extension – PC objections
  • P14/V1311/HH and P14/V1312/LB – glazed link extension to ancillary barn, no objection.
  • P14/V1227/AG Ingham’s Farm Chilton Road – erection of hay/straw barn, no objection

9. Correspondence

  • Thames Valley Police, invitation to Open Day Saturday 2nd August (poster/leaflets received and distributed)
  • Came & Co., confirmation of three year agreement for renewal of insurance
  • Came & Co., vehicle insurance policy documents
  • VoWH Chairman’s Annual Community Awards & Lunch – circulated: after discussion it was agreed to nominate Clare and John Lightfoot as worthy recipients of the Annual Community Awards. Clerk to draft an entry from facts provided by UPC members.
  • Winter preparedness – OCC (circulated); no action as adequate supplies in stock.
  • Transport Scheme Exhibition Event 7th July at UVH: members had visited the exhibition and were happy with most aspects of the planned works. However, Mr Norman stressed that there was no mention of traffic calming measures at the junction of the A417 with Station Road, Upton, and requested that Highways be recommended to include this in their forward planning. Mr Fraser agreed to draft a letter and would circulate this. SF

10. Receipts since last meeting

  • Uptonogood – table tennis table £2685.00
  • Bank interest May 36p, June 37p

Angela Hoy, Clerk
Tel: 01235 851726
18th July 2014

Appendix A – Schedule of payments

Description Amount
Mrs A Hoy (salary, May and June @ £187.00 net per month) BACS payment;
adjustment Apr/May/Jun £52.88
HMRC PAYE (standing order) – 3 months £96.00
Graham de Wilde , traffic paint £90.04
Angela Hoy, printer inks, postage, travel expenses £46.98
Public Works (Cemetery Loan)  (direct debit) £412.91
Shoretrax, Pump Track repair £420.00
TOTAL £1386.37