Minutes of Meeting 27th July 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of Upton Parish Council

Upton Village Hall, Monday 27th July 2015 at 8.00 pm

PRESENT:  Dr R Lott, Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mr R Traynor, Cllr J Shelley, Cllr R Waite, Mrs K Fletcher, Cllr S Lilley, Mrs A Hoy (Clerk)

1. Apologies for Absence:  None

2. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any items under consideration at this meeting. None declared

3. Adoption of minutes of meeting(s) on: 19th May, 15th June, and 13th July having been previously circulated were agreed to be a true record and were signed by the Chairman.

4. Reports

  • County Councillor’s Report:  Cllr Lilly reported he had received a letter from Mrs Mary Hancock regarding the Methodist Chapel explaining the present situation and expressing a wish to put in an application for sheltered housing.  Cllr Lilly reported that subsequent to the recent consultation on bus routes, the 94/95 bus route would be in danger as it was having to be subsidised by £80k/annum, so residents should make use of it.  Cllr Lilly reported that he was still receiving letters from Chilton Rd residents about the proposed improvements; he would be attending an infrastructure meeting on 29th July at Science Vale at 3pm.  Dr Lott commented that the PC had requested alternative solutions and considered the proposed traffic island at the bottom of Chilton Rd did not solve the problem; Cllr Lilly advised he would discuss this at the meeting and asked for the PC’s comments on the consultation to be sent to him.  He reported that progress had been made at the Milton interchange, with the landowner having signed the compulsory purchase order; work would be commencing in September.  Harwell Link Rd Phase 2 (Hagbourne Hill) was also due to commence in September, with the installation of a roundabout on A417.  All works discussed with Patrick Mulvihill had been agreed, tendered and costed and were going ahead.  He reported that Milton was running six weeks late, due to the discovery of contamination on the land. The land required for the Chilton slips also required a Compulsory Purchase Order.  Cllr Lilly reported that the Orchard Centre wanted to remove the existing bus service from the shopping centre and was in disagreement with SODC.  Cllr Lilly reported on Oxfordshire children at risk, who the Council were obligated to take into care; they had a good unit running now but more and more children were coming forward for help, and had to be given priority when distributing funding. Clerk
  • District Councillor’s Report:  Cllr Shelley introduced Cllr Reg Waite, her colleague at the Vale.  Cllr Waite had sent a report by email (appended to these minutes) and briefly discussed the contents.  On the speculative planning application for 14 houses south of the Horse & Harrow in West Hagbourne, Cllr Shelley confirmed that papers had gone out today and regretted the delay in advising the PC.  Cllr Waite reported that the Wantage Advice Centre was in need of more drivers and funds; Dr Lott suggested this could be publicised in Upton News and would be added to the donations list for discussion next March. Clerk

5. Public Forum: Mr Fraser, speaking as a parishioner, was concerned about the speculative planning application for 14 houses to the south of the Horse & Harrow in West Hagbourne, adjoining the site of the old pumping station recently given full planning permission, in that it could extend the village envelope and therefore lay it open for further speculative applications between Upton and this site. Cllr Shelley commented that the Local Plan showed the need for more housing, and each application would be taken on its own merits; there was no cap on the number of houses. Consultation on the Local Plan would begin in September.  Mr Fraser asked how big Upton needed to be before it lost its small village status, and also queried the size of boundaries between villages. It was agreed that the PC needed to discuss the matter with West Hagbourne PC before making a decision.  Dr Lott agreed to contact West Hagbourne PC and suggest a joint meeting. RL

6. Matters arising:

Parish Council Meeting on 19th May:

a) Annual Community Emergency Planning Survey 2014/15:  Mr Traynor spoken to Mr Fraser with details of forthcoming meetings.  He had spoken to Ian Ross who had confirmed he would be able offer advice and recommendations but was not able to write the plan itself.  Mr Fraser agreed to confirm the survey was up to date as he had made the original submission.  Mr Reid would be asked to provide the unfinished draft plan which Mr Traynor would complete.  Dr Lott and Mr Fraser would remain as key contacts in the event of any emergency. SF/RT

b) Damage to verges caused by refuse collections: The Clerk had written to Biffa and received a reply stating that they already used smaller vehicles in the narrow roads.  The Clerk was asked to further enquire which particular roads were receiving the service from smaller vehicles. Clerk

c) Parish plan:  Mr Traynor reported he had obtained a quote from the Churn Benefice of 18p/copy to print the Parish Plan questionnaire costs. It was agreed he should give instructions for this to be printed straight away, Mr Traynor to arrange distribution, with the request for completed booklets to be either collected or returned by 3rd week in August. RT

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting on 15th June:

a) Chilton Road traffic calming measures: response sent to OCC both by post and online, with subsequent query also responded to by email.

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting 15th June (taken under planning)

7. Business to be transacted:

a) Co-option of new councillor:  Mrs Kathryn Fletcher was welcomed by the PC and joined the meeting after having signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and the Register of Members’ Interests.  The Clerk agreed to organize new councillor training on the next available OALC course. Clerk

b)  Japanese Knotweed in Frog Alley:  The Clerk reported she had written twice to Henry Bucknell, the tenant of Frog Alley Farm, but not received a response.  It was agreed Dr Lott would try and ascertain the identity of the actual landowner. POST MEETING NOTE: The Clerk had received an email from the agent acting for Mr Bucknell enquiring as to the exact whereabouts of the weed; Mr Fraser agreed to assist. SF

c) To agree Membership renewal of ORCC:  Mr Rippon had advised that UVHAT was currently a member of ORCC and received regular newsletters; it was thought that the PC also received newsletters.  After discussion, it was agreed not to renew membership of ORCC for the time being.

d) Concrete bags in Stream Road: Dr Lott had received an email from a resident of Stream Road describing the damage which had been caused to the concrete sandbags intended to be a barrier to flood water at the top end of Stream Road, presumably by delivery and bin lorries.  The resident had suggested a sign stating “Access only to house names…” and advising there is no turning area.  It was noted that there was already a No Through Road sign at the junction with Orchard Close.  It was agreed to reply stating that that this part of Stream Road is unadopted and any sign would require permission. No decision was made on how any sign should be funded. RL

8. For noting:

Lloyds Bank arrangements:  It was confirmed that Standing orders for the Clerk’s salary/PAYE had been set up and cheque signatories updated.  Individual councillors were requested to provide their personal details to the Lloyds Business Banking website; Clerk to provide bank account details. Clerk


  • P15/V1405/HH Upton Fruit Farm – Vale was advised no objections; permission granted.
  • P14/V2550/FUL The Gate House, Reading Road – planning permission granted 17/7 with conditions
  • P15/V1649/O Speculative development for fourteen houses next to Horse & Harrow pub as advised by Cllr R Waite but no official details received by time of this meeting.  POST MEETING NOTE – details received 29th July and circulated.


  • Land at Warren Piece:  An email was received from a parishioner who owned land near Chilton, reporting the presence of a caravan next to her land; she had been advised to contact the Vale Planning Department, but Cllr Waite had investigated and advised that the land, south east of Downs Lane, near Chilton, was now subject to an alleged breach without planning permission of the material change of use of land from agriculture to residential use.  An enforcement order had been raised to prevent further occurrences.  An earlier planning application in 2002 for change of use to tourism had been rejected.  The Clerk was asked to convey this information to the landowner. Clerk
  • Neighbourhood Planning Conference – letter from Vale confirming rearranged for 2 Sept 2015 at Cornerstone in Didcot. Noted.
  • Kalehurst re registration of John Deere mower – Letter received advising that since the machine had been sold to the PC October 2014, it was now considered a used vehicle.  Clerk to pursue registration of the vehicle. Clerk

Receipts since last meeting

  • Vale Grant £5000 for Village Hall kitchen refurbishment, to be paid to the contractor
  • Bank interest May 38p, June 19p
  • VAT refund £3177 June

Angela Hoy, Clerk
Tel:  01235 851726
31st  July 2015

Appendix A – Schedule of payments

Description Amount
HMRC PAYE (standing order) – 3 months to July £112.20
Inside Out Developments (UVHAT refurbishment) £5000.00
TOTAL £5112.20