Minutes of Meeting 15th Sept 2015


Minutes of the Meeting of Upton Parish Council

Upton Village Hall, Tuesday 15th September 2015 at 8.00 pm

PRESENT: Mr S Fraser (Acting Chair), Mr S Norman, Mr R Traynor, Mrs K Fletcher, Ms K Marshall, Cllr S Lilley, Mrs A Hoy (Clerk)

  1. Apologies for Absence : Dr R Lott, Mrs J Shelley
  1. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any items under consideration at this meeting. None declared

  1. Adoption of minutes of meeting(s) on: 27th July and 1st September, having been previously circulated were agreed to be a true record and were signed by the Chairman.
  1. Reports
    • County Councillor’s Report: Cllr Lilley reported that work on both Chilton Road and Hagbourne Hill had started. He confirmed that the original suggestions of one chicane and realignment of the junction at the bottom of Chilton Road would be installed, together with the new roundabout at the bottom of Hagbourne Hill.   Chilton slip roads were also underway but 10 months late due to unavoidable legal delays. Milton interchange work was also six weeks behind. A further complication at Milton was the finding of an old nuclear pipe under a footpath between Milton and Didcot. The footpath cannot be reopened until the pipe has been removed.
    • Cllr Lilley described the enormous savings that have already been made in the Council’s budget; the Council was not allowed to put up council tax but there were no more easy savings to be made. It was imperative to retain the care budget, and at present there were double the normal asylum applications. He described the cuts that had to be made in household waste recycling and bus services, and encouraged the PC to respond to the consultations on these subjects. He also stressed the importance of a representative of the PC attending the County meeting on 21st September to discuss the future delivery of local services. Cllr Lilley also discussed the need to save £8m from the Children’s centres, which were going to be changed from three age groups into family centres, which would not be popular. He also reported that our local Bus service was at medium risk of losing its subsidy, and hoped we had responded to the consultation. Cllr Lilley described the difficulties in getting contributions from developers for essential services, resulting in more cuts, but they had managed to keep the fire service going. The Clerk queried the absence of a PCSO for Upton and Cllr Lilley suggested speaking to Supt Boyd at Abingdon as he had been unaware of this and was surprised.
    • He closed by saying that the next two years would be very difficult. He would like to see a unitary authority instead of five districts and one County, which would cut down duplications on administrative budgets and save money which could be put to better use. He also suggested the possible combining of Parish Councils, food for thought.
  • District Councillor’s Report: not present
  1. Public Forum:. none.
  1. Matters arising:

Parish Council Meeting on 27th July:

  1. Annual Community Emergency Planning Survey 2014/15 : Mr Traynor agreed to contact Ian Ross to progress this matter. RT
  2. Parish plan questionnaire: Mr Traynor reported he had received 75 responses, 150 individuals, approximately 50% of the households. At least four people had volunteered to help with the Analysis, which was the next step. RT
  3. Japanese Knotweed in Frog Alley: Despite numerous emails to the tenant’s agent, the problem persisted, and Mr Fraser reported that it grown tenfold since he originally inspected it. POST MEETING NOTE: The tenant’s agent advised that an initial spraying had been carried out and a further one would be done within a month of the original treatment, but anticipated it would take several to get it under control.
  4. Damage to verges caused by refuse collections – no further response from Biffa, despite a reminder. Concrete bags in Stream Road: It was agreed to postpone this matter until it could be ascertained whether Highways or the local residents were prepared to pay for a sign to be erected advising drivers that there was no turning space beyond the sign. RL ?

Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting 1st September (taken under planning)

  1. Business to be transacted:
  2. Co-option of new councillor (Karen Marshall) – Ms Marshall signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and passed the completed Register of Members Interests to the Clerk for onward transmission to the Vale. The Clerk advised that Ms Marshall had been booked on the next available training course.                                                                                     Clerk
  3. Councillors’ Roles and Responsibilities: Mrs Fletcher agreed to take on communications, including assembling articles for Upton News, as well as ensuring the website documentation was kept up to date and consultations were responded to in a timely manner . Ms Marshall agreed to assist Mr Fraser with planning, including visiting applicants and neighbours. She also agreed to take on inspection of the Play areas after discussions and a handover with Dr Lott.                                                             KF/RL/KM
  4. ROSPA Report: Review and agree appropriate actions: after discussion the following immediate actions were agreed: Small play area: replace fencing, fix steel band to split wooden post and adjust gate to create a 12 mm gap all round (RT); tighten bolts on swing and re-tension the zip wire (SF/ RL). Replace missing sections of fence and prune overhanging branches (GW). It was not thought necessary to amend the current pump track directions, which were considered adequate if people behaved sensibly.   Dr Lott to go through the check list with Mrs Marshall.                                                 SF/RT/RL/KM
  5. Adoption of Audited Accounts: these were unanimously adopted.
  6. For noting:

            Lloyds Bank arrangements: Mr Fraser confirmed he had given his details to the Bank to enable him to process electronic transactions on the UPC account; he passed relevant details to Mr Traynor who agreed to follow suit.                                                                          SN/RL/RT


  • P14/V2550/FUL The Gate House, Reading Road – planning permission granted 17/7 with conditions; subsequent application P15/V1772/FUL for larger building, no objections.
  • P15/V1649/O 14 Houses next to Horse & Harrow; UPC objected (as also did WHPC) on grounds of unsustainability and lack of infrastructure, as well as a potential increase in dangerous traffic.


  • DVLA re registration of John Deere mower – DVLA confirmed vehicle now registered and Log Book had been received. Clerk to obtain appropriate license plates.             Clerk
  • Oxfordshire County Council was hosting a town and parish council event to discuss the future delivery of local services in Oxfordshire at the Kassam Stadium on Monday 21st September; it was agreed that Mr Norman and Mrs Fletcher would attend. SN/KF
  • Vale Consultation on Waste Recycling site – the Vale advised they had to reduce the number of sites from five to three due to financial restraints. A consultation document was available on their website and the Clerk was requested to complete this, citing the PCs strong feeling that Drayton should be one of the three retained as it served both Didcot and Abingdon.                                                                         Clerk
  • Consultation from the Vale on subsidised bus services; unfortunately this had now closed.Vale consultation on recreation grounds – the Clerk agreed to respond to the query, confirming that the sketch shown was in essence correct, but adding information about the pump track to make it more complete.                         Clerk
  • Vale – Chairman’s Community Awards – After discussion it a candidate was agreed uponto be nominated or this year’s awards. Clerk agreed to complete the form. Clerk

Receipts since last meeting

  • Bank interest July 03p, August 33p
  • VOWH Precept £4000

Angela Hoy, Clerk

Tel: 01235 851726

16th September 2015

Appendix A – Schedule of payments

Description Amount
UVHAT hall hire Q3 40.00
G de Wilde, fence repairs + fuel costs 97.60
Mrs A Hoy, salary July/Aug by BACS 399.20
BDO LLP, Audit costs 162.00
Churn Benefice, printing of PP Q’aire 36.00
TOTAL £734.80