Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 15th April 2016


Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Upton Parish Council

St Mary’s Church, Friday 15th April 2016 at 8.00 pm

PRESENT:  Dr R Lott (Chairman), Mr S Fraser, Mr S Norman, Mrs K Fletcher, Mrs A Hoy (Clerk) and two members of the public

  1. Apologies for Absence  – Mr R Traynor, Ms K Marshal
  1. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any items under consideration at this meeting.  None received

  1. Public Forum:  The meeting was closed to allow Public Forum to take place. The previous planning application histories were discussed and the previous objections reviewed. It was noted that the illegally built stable block hand now been demolished. It was also noted that the owners of MASLINA had no objection to the new proposals. The general views of those present were not anti the land being used for Equestrian use. Some members of the public, close neighbours of the proposed developments, expressed their disquiet at the work continuing to be carried out on the area behind the George & Dragon public house and the damage caused to the agricultural land within the AONB. It was noted that work on the proposed ménage had already started and resulted in large quantities of spoil remaining on site. In was alleged that AONB regulations relating to permitted structures were not being complied with.  There was a strong desire to see the site tidied up and the Leylandii trees removed as a condition of any planning permission as these are not conducive to an ANOB. Concerns over potential light pollution were also expressed. Public Forum was closed and the meeting re-opened.
  1. Planning Application:

            P16/V0549/FUL – Land at rear of George & Dragon – erection of equestrian structures including             stable block to provide stables, tack room and feed store

After discussion a vote was taken and a majority of councillors objected to the application with the following comments:

  • The stable building should be reduced in size to accommodate the number of horses the land available can actually sustain. Equestrian guidelines would suggest this should be 4 horses.
  • The separate feed store should be incorporated into the main building. This could be achieved within the existing design if only 4 horses were housed.
  • There were no lighting plans submitted, so potential light pollution could not be assessed. We would request any subsequent application include details on lighting which we would expect to be sympathetic to the ANOB.
  • The Leylandii hedge should be removed and replaced with native hedging to comply with AONB regulations and enhance the landscape
  • All existing outbuildings should be removed and the land returned to grazing condition
  • The boundary to the footpath should remain a post and wire fence or native hedging

P16/V0580/FUL Engineering works pertaining to levelling of area to north-east corner of site to             provide training school/ménage on land adjacent and to the rear of George & Dragon, Upton

After discussion, a vote was taken and unanimously objected to the application, with the following comments: The proposed positioning of the menage would result in the further loss of pasture. It was recommended that the planned ménage should be moved to the existing flattened ground where the illegally constructed stable block had been demolished; the remaining land should be restored to pasture, conducive to its AONB status.

The Clerk was requested to advise the Planning Office accordingly.                                    Clerk


            Appendix A – Schedule of payments


Description Amount
Came & Co. Motor Vehicle Insurance 136.88
St Mary’s Church donation 200.00