Minutes for Meeting 19th September 2016

Minutes of the  Meeting of Upton Parish Council in Upton Village Hall, Monday 19th September 2016 at 8.00 pm

PRESENT:  Mr S Fraser (Chair), Mr S Norman, Mr R Traynor, Ms K Marshall, Miss E Cooper (New Clerk), Mrs A Hoy (Outgoing Clerk)

  1. Apologies for Absence: Dr R Lott, Cllr J Shelley, Cllr S Lilly, Cllr R Waite, PCSO K Jennings  (all notified in advance)
  1. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any items under consideration at this meeting.  None recorded.

  1. Adoption of minutes of meeting(s): the minutes of the UPC meeting of 18th July and the extraordinary meeting of 9th August, having been previously circulated, were agreed to be a true record and were signed by the Chair.
  1. Parish Council Vacancies

Dr Robert Lott has resigned his post on the council owing to other commitments. The Parish Council would like to thank Dr Lott for all his hard work, enthusiasm, dedication and leadership whilst on Upton Parish Council and wish him the best of success going forward.

Mr S Norman agreed to stand as vice chair, was proposed by Mr R Traynor and seconded by Ms K Marshall. Mr Norman therefore becomes the UPC vice chairman with immediate effect.

Mr D Reid who was attending the meeting, agreed to be co-opted to the council to fill one vacancy. This will take effect from November’s meeting.

It was agreed that a further advertisement for the remaining vacancy would need to be posted on the notice board and Upton Bulletin. ACTION Clerk

                It was noted that for the next meeting Roles and Responsibilities of Parish Councillors would need to be revised due to the change in councillors. ACTION Clerk

  1. Reports: The District Notes for Parish Councillors from Cllrs J Shelley and R Waite was circulated prior to the meeting. The contents of the notes were read to the meeting by the chair. All were reminded about the VoWHDC Chairman’s Charity Dinner on 30th September if anyone wanted to attend. Also if there were any nominations for the Chairman’s Community Awards? ACTION all
  1. Public Forum: No comments from members of the public.
  1. Matters arising:
  1. Appointment of new Clerk & Responsible Finance Officer

The new clerk was formally welcomed to the meeting and her new role. SF will forward to EC the contract of employment.  ACTION SF

  1. Prospect Road – some potholes filled, remainder marked up: keep reporting to FixMyStreet website.
  2. Leaking garage roof – two quotes were received; one for c£600 which has since been rescinded, and one for c£1320. RT will obtain a second quote for comparison. It was also agreed the fixing of the roof was now urgent, especially in light of recent adverse wet weather.  AH mentioned the possibility of a grant for the roof replacement & also agreed to speak to a third person regarding its repair. ACTION RT / AH
  3. Resurfacing Pump Track – SF to speak to Dr Lott re progress. ACTION SF
  4. Replacement of goal posts on recreation ground: SF to speak to Dr Lott regarding proceeding with the purchase of the new goal posts, which was agreed at the meeting. Costs already highlighted as in the region of £2500. SF to find out if this includes delivery and installation. It was agreed that signage of some sort was needed to ward off misuse of the goal posts. SN to suggest wording for this. EC suggested this was also covered off when notice of the new installation was published in the Upton News. ACTION SF / SN
  1. Business to be transacted:
  2. Financial Report to end of August 2016: Mr Norman presented the current status.
  3. Lloyds Bank standing orders: Two were presented for signature, one for the final payment of tax in respect of Mrs Hoy and one to commence salary payment for Miss Cooper. Clerk’s note: handed to Lloyds Bank 20.09.16
  4. Actions arising from inspection of play areas report from ROSPA. The report was previously circulated and SF read through the comments at the meeting. SF and RT agreed to check the recommendations made and make good where possible.
  1. For noting:                     


  • P16/V0553/FUL, Land adjacent and rear of the George and Dragon Reading Road Upton: provision for Travellers site, amendment from three to two sites; decision was due in June, awaiting response from the Vale, no date given.
  • P16/V1646/FUL, Dean Hollow Chilton: change of use from agricultural to equestrian (race horse hospital). Approved.
  • P16/V1903/FUL, P14/V2550/FUL – for development work at the following location: The Gate House, Reading Road, Upton, Didcot. PC objected because building was being erected some 5 meters from the approved position and plans were incorrect. PC comments sent to Vale. Target decision date 19th Individual UPC members all voted to reject, for the following reasons:-
    • The building has already been rejected in its current position, which has not followed the original approved plan.
    • The building is out of scale, far too close to an existing property and shows an increased footprint from the original approved plan.
    • Site lines from property in to Upton Lodge Cottage are much shorter than the required 21 meters and one site line is missing from the plan.
    • The property as now proposed is a blight on the existing Upton Lodge Cottage.



  • ROSPA report – see 8c above
  • DVLA – tractor licence renewed, no fee payable
  • Letter from Lloyds Bank explaining clerk’s salary duplication
  • OCC – Comet Transport Service, poster on notice board
  • Letter to Cllr S Lilly from Prof Gutfreunde re Chilton Road (circulated)


Receipts since last meeting

  • Bank interest, May 14p, Jun 16p

Outgoing Clerk

SF expressed his thanks and that of the council for Angela’s three and a half years’ service as clerk and wished her the very best for the future.

The meeting concluded at 9.40pm.

The date of the next UPC meeting is Monday, 28th November at 8pm.

Liz Cooper, Clerk

Tel:  01235 798038

20th September 2016

Appendix A – Schedule of payments



Hire of hall Q3 (two invoices £30 / £48) – with SN to action online 78.00
Clerk’s salary Aug/Sept (£149.60 / £185.98) 335.58
ROSPA Playsafety limited annual inspection 201.60
Purchase of goal posts 2500.00
      BDO LLP Review of annual return to March 2016 120.00
      AH final expenses 12.53
TOTAL £3247.71