Minutes of Meeting 28th November 2016


Minutes of the Meeting of Upton Parish Council in Upton Village Hall, Monday 28th November 2016 at 8.00 pm

PRESENT:  Mr S Fraser (Chair/SF), Mr S Norman (SN), Mr R Traynor (RT), Mr D Reid (DR), Miss E Cooper (Clerk/EC), Cllr J Shelley, Cllr S Lilly, Cllr R Waite

  1. Apologies for Absence: Ms K Marshall
  1. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any items under consideration at this meeting.  RT declared an interest under the planning application of 3 Beeching Close as he knows the owners very well. He would not therefore take part in that discussion.

  1. Adoption of minutes of meeting(s): the minutes of the UPC meeting of 19th September, having been previously circulated, were agreed to be a true record and were signed by the Chair. There were no matters arising and all action points were cleared.
  1. Parish Council Vacancies

Mr D Reid completed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Declaration of Interest following his being co-opted to the council at September’s meeting.

As a vacancy still exists, the advert will remain on the noticeboard. RT agreed to approach someone who expressed an interest in joining the council and would report back at the next meeting. ACTION RT

                Roles and Responsibilities of Parish Councillors would need to be revised due to the change in councillors. ACTION Clerk

  1. Reports: The District Notes for Parish Councillors from Cllrs J Shelley and R Waite was circulated prior to the meeting and presented by the Cllrs at the meeting. These notes are included with these minutes. UPC wished to express it’s continued objection to the building of the new Gate House in Upton on it’s current position.

Cllr Lilley also attended the meeting and gave a verbal update covering the following topics:-


–       The new Chilton slip roads are complete and open.

–       There is a plan to create a Harwell relief road from near the Kingswell to the Didcot Road

with roundabouts at each end. This will be a 12 – 14 month programme.

–       Traffic using road in to Upton from Chilton – there is a plan to change the road signs to

direct traffic to use new roundabout.

–       A34 – this is a Highways England Road and unfortunately suffers from a significant number

of incidents. It is acknowledged that action needs to be taken now on a new ten year

development plan. Please see A34 Action Group on Facebook for further information on

future developments. There are other road and train infrastructure proposals throughout

the county & bordering counties, including an Oxford to Cambridge train link.

  • Gritters – when deployed gritting lorries cover 1500 miles of road each night.

Children in Care

There are currently 561 children in public care in Oxfordshire, including a small allocation of children from Syria and ‘unaccompanied’ children. Social Services and emergency foster carers are doing an excellent job in dealing with all these children.


Rural crime is down by 12%, although other types of crime (personal assault, sexual crime) are up. The multi-agency safeguard hub (M.A.S.H) is working well to deal with these types of incident. The Thames Valley helicopter is under tremendous financial pressure and is in danger of being withdrawn.

Stream Road, Upton

SF will email Cllr Lilly with the continuing problems with this road.

  1. Public Forum: No comments from members of the public.
  1. Matters arising:

7.1 Replacement of goal posts on recreation ground:  SF to speak to Dr Lott regarding

proceeding with the purchase of the new goal posts, which was agreed at the previous meeting. However, it has since been realised that the price is higher than previously thought and this will be discussed at an extraordinary meeting on 5th December. EC requested sight of quotes before proceeding. It was also suggested that nets could be rented out as an income for UVHAT in addition to the marque). ACTION DR to investigate. It was noted that delivery of the goal posts is 3-4 weeks and that assembly will be required. EC pointed out that this probably meant delivery would be made in January if ordered in early December. ACTION SF

7.2 Communication of PC business through Upton Newsletter & web site – EC queried the requirements of both of these, together with deadlines for information. Subsequent to the meeting, a meeting has been organised with Mike Brown (Upton News) on Tuesday 6th December to discuss.

7.3 Repairs/Replacement of Garage Roof – RT to contact the selected roofing company to confirm quote is still valid and authorise work to go ahead as a matter of urgency. RT to send copy of quote to EC. ACTION RT

7.4 Pump Track – Dr Lott of Uptonogood has been requested to look at possible resurfacing solutions for the Pump Track to help maintain its longevity. To be followed up in spring 2017.

  1. Business to be transacted:
    • Financial Report to end of October 2016: EC presented the current status.

EC also suggested the following actions:- 1. that the dormant account (01330548) be closed as it was not in use and had a zero balance. All agreed. EC to devise a letter to Lloyds bank . ACTION Clerk (Clerk’s note: letter left with Lloyds Bank 6.12.16. 2. That a to be agreed amount was moved from the current account to the savings account, as the balance in the current account was far greater than that in the savings account. EC to propose the amount of the transfer. For online transfer by SN. ACTION EC/SF/SN

  • A cheque for £71.56 was signed to cover grounds maintenance expenses for G DeWilde. Clerk’s note – cheque handed to Mr DeWilde 30.11.16.
  • A cheque for £54.17 was signed to cover the clerk’s expenses between 1.9.16 and 28.11.16.
  • EC presented a letter from VoWHDC regarding the precept for 2017/18. As the deadline for a response is 13.1.17 and this is before the next UPC meeting, SF agreed to take the letter away and circulate it by email for consideration. ACTION SF
  • EC had a notification from HMRC stating that the PC owed £104 for September. SN confirmed he had covered this off by issuing a nil return for the month of September
  1. Planning:
  • P16/V0553/FUL, Land adjacent and rear of the George and Dragon Reading Road Upton: provision for Travellers site, amendment from three to two sites. Planning permission refused 4.11.16.
  • P16/V1916/O, Methodist Chapel & Land, Upton redevelopment – planning permission granted.
  • P16/V1903/FUL, P14/V2550/FUL – for the building of The Gate House, Reading Road, Upton, Didcot. PC objected because building was being erected some 5 meters from the approved position and plans were incorrect. PC objections & move to refuse planning permission all registered. New District Council meeting called for 12.12.16 in Wantage with move to GRANT permission.
  • P16/V2788/HH, two storey extension at 3 Beeching Close, Upton. Plans circulated prior to meeting. RT excused himself from the room while this was discussed and the decision made. Deadline 29.11.16. UPC moved to approve plans. Clerk’s note: Registered on Planning section of council web site on 29.11.16. Confirmation in post same day.
  1. Correspondence:

10.1 Email from Karen Spackman 6.11.16 (Hunter’s Moon, Prospect Road, Upton), regarding

traffic on A417 & the use of the recreation ground for unsanctioned professional dog

training. ACTION Clerk to email Karen & ACTION SF offered to speak to the person

concerned. All agreed that if there was dog mess or food used in training left on the rec

then this should be addressed, however there was no evidence. Also any ‘informal

training’ should take place away from the village hall, especially when it is being used.

10.2 Email from Sarah Gough re. offer to pay a £50 contribution to the pony seesaw that her son

and the child’s grandfather broke. ACTION Clerk to email response regarding contribution &

repair of seesaw.

10.3 Email request for advice from Doug Struthers (11.10.16) regarding application for traveller’s

site in Stadhampton. ACTION EC to reply.

10.4 The new film club – can the PC help in any way to cover costs? Rob is organising the logistics

of running the first one and noted that this item came from the Parish Plan. All agreed that

the PC would cover any losses for the first screening of the film club.

10.5 High Sheriff Award 2016/17 – deadline for nominations is Wednesday 11th January 2017.

PC made a suggestion for a resident to be nominated. ACTION Clerk

10.6 Receipts since last meeting

  • Precept 7.9.16 £4250
  • Bank interest, Sept 16p, Oct 16p
  • VAT repay £121.62

The meeting concluded at10.00pm.

The date of the next UPC meeting is Monday, 16th January 2017 at 8pm.

Liz Cooper, Clerk

Tel:  01235 798038

7th December 2016

Appendix A – Schedule of payments


Description Amount £
Clerks Salary – Sept, Oct, Nov  (@£185.98pm) 557.94
Clerks expenses (1 Sept – 28 Nov) 54.17
Upton Mowing Group expenses 71.56
Purchase of goalposts for rec ground (inc VAT) 3799.91
Garage roof quotations (estimate only, ex VAT) – tbc 1320.00
TOTAL £5803.64