Minutes of Meeting 16th January 2017

Minutes of the Meeting of Upton Parish Council in Upton Village Hall Meeting Room, Monday 16th January 2017 at 8.00 pm

Present: Mr S Fraser (Chair/SF), Miss E Cooper (Clerk/EC), Mr S Norman (SN), Ms K Marshall (KM), Cllr Shelley

  1. Apologies for Absence

            Duncan Reid (in advance). Mr Traynor was not present at the meeting.

  1. Declarations of Interest

None declared.

  1. 3.1 Adoption of minutes of meeting: 28th November & 5th December 2016

The above minutes, having been previously circulated, were agreed to be a true record and were signed by the Chair.

             3.2 Matters arising / action points from last meeting

There were no matters arising. All action points were cleared apart from the following:-

Min no.4 from 28.11.16. RT agreed to approach someone who expressed an interest in joining the council and would report back at the next meeting. ACTION c/fwd for RT next meeting

Min no.4 from 28.11.16. Roles and Responsibilities of Parish Councillors would need to be revised due to the change in councillors. Clerk to action.

Min no.7.1 from 28.11.16.  EC awaiting pro-forma invoice for goal posts.  EC to make payment & to formalise the order once pro-forma invoice received.

Min no.7.1 from 28.11.16.  It was also suggested that nets could be rented out as an income

for  UVHAT (in addition to the marque). ACTION c/fwd for DR to investigate.

  1. Parish Council vacancies

PC vacancies update – co-opt new councillor. ACTION RT at next meeting

  1. Reports
    • County Councillor’s Report (distributed prior to meeting)
    • District Councillor’s Report (Cllr Shelley presented at meeting). Of

particular note:-

–     pre planning advice will be available online from the end of January 2017

–     small grants of £500 – £1000 may be available for community activities such as festivals or

community sport and should be applied for

–     future objections to planning applications should have  Cllr Shelley copied in.

5.3      PCSO’s report – none submitted

  1. Public Forum

            No members of the public were in attendance.

  1. Matters arising (general):
  • Garage roof repair – update (RT)

In RTs absence, EC said that she had spoken to D Warren who had carried out the garage roof repairs. First of all Mr Warren has been paid for his work. Secondly EC asked him about his prognosis on the general state of repair of the rest of the garage roof. Mr Warren indicated that attention would need to be paid to the fascia’s in the summer (triple coating?), which may give an extended life of another ten years.  Also, that the foliage around the sides of the garage needs to be kept back to avoid it affecting the building. EC stated that this work would need to be considered in the next budget.   ACTION EC re budget & update RT

  1. Business to be transacted:

8.1       Finance

– A UPC financial report to end of December 2016 was given by the Clerk and accepted by the meeting.

– A proposal to move £4500 from current to savings account was made by the Clerk. SF tested the transfer of money from one account to the other within the meeting (1p was moved from the current to the savings account and back again). The meeting therefore agreed for the transfer to take place. ACTION EC (Clerk’s note – transfer actioned 19.1.17)

8.2       Agreement of precept for 2017 – this was agreed by the meeting in the sum of £8925. ACTION EC to submit form (Clerk’s note – form submitted 17.1.17).

  • Budget Setting for 2017

EC stated that she would be working on a draft budget for 2017/18 and was also attending a ‘Planning for Year End Audit’ course on 18.1.17.

  1. Planning:

            There were no new planning applications.

  • P16/V1903/FUL, P14/V2550/FUL – for development work at the following location: The Gate House Reading Road Upton. Granted 15.12.16.
  • P16/V2788/HH – for two storey rear extension at 3 Beeching Close, Upton. Planning permissions granted 1.12.16.
  • P16/V2876/FULL – erection of stable block etc near Horse & Harrow, Upton. Granted 10.1.17.
  1. For noting:

10.1     Correspondence

10.1.1 Use of hog roast on village hall site (8.4.17) – email from Andrew Clark 3.1.17.

EC to respond ensuring that:- any cooking takes place outside the village hall; any contractor has public liability insurance; users are reminded that it is a public area. ACTION EC

10.2      High Sheriff Award 2016/17 – UPC’s nomination was reviewed and was not successful.

  • Receipts since last meeting

Bank interest –      Dec 2016 15p

Jan 2017 16p

  1. Date of next meeting:

            Monday 20th March, 8pm in the village hall.

Liz Cooper, Clerk to UPC

20th January 2017, Tel:  01235 798038