Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 24th April 2017

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Upton Parish Council held on Monday 24th April 2017 at 6.00 pm

  1. Apologies for Absence


  1. Declarations of Interest

None declared.

  1. Planning Application Discussion

            3.1 P17/V0837/FUL

Land adjacent to Hakkas Brook, Main Street, West Hagbourne.

Change of use from agricultural to garden. Deadline 20.04.17 (extended to 25th April).

Council voted ‘no objections’ to application.

3.2 P17/V0792/FUL

Development work at Inghams Farm, Chilton Road, Upton.

Apex extension to the side & mirror existing hay/straw barn. Deadline 22.04.17 (extended to 25th April).

Council voted ‘no objections’ to application.

  1. Finance

4.1 Donation to Home Start of £25 -cheque signed.

4.2 OPFA Membership renewal £40 – cheque signed.

  1. Update on UPC web site information
  • Model Publication Scheme – EC to update (action pending EC).
  • Standing Orders – Master copy to be signed by SF & EC. Approved for upload to web site. Action EC
  • Financial Regulations – Approved for upload to web site. Action EC
  • Budget Estimates – replaced by cashbook. EC to ensure old & new cashbooks updated on web site. Action EC
  • Financial Reserves – replaced by cashbook. As Budget Estimates above. Action EC
  • Aims & Objectives – add in ‘Special Projects’ (look in to small play area – look at potential expansion of car park, look in to installation of defibrillator to external wall of village hall) for 17-18. SF to review. Action SF
  • Planning Application Procedures – confirmed updated to web site. Action EC
  • Risk Assessment – DR to update.
  • Contracts – all agreed the PC did not have any contracts so update document as ‘nil returns’ & upload to web site. Action EC
  • Asset Register – 15/16 version provided by SF. SN to update with 16-17 & 17-18. New goal posts to be added. ACTION SN
  • Gifts & Donations. EC to check previous cashbooks & update, then to SN to check. (Action pending EC).
  • Risk Assessment document – DR agreed to update. ACTION DR
  1. Date of next Upton Parish Council Meetings

APM Wednesday 26th April 2017, 7.15 for 7.30pm in the village hall.

AGM Monday 22nd May 2017 at 7.30pm, village hall meeting room.

Regular Parish Council Meeting Monday 17th July 8pm, village hall meeting room.

The meeting closed at 7.10pm.

Liz Cooper

Clerk to UPC

26th April 2017

Tel:  01235 798038