Minutes of Meeting 17th July 2017

Minutes of the Upton Parish Council meeting held at 6pm on Monday 17th July 2017 in the village hall meeting room. 

Present:- Cllr Stuart Fraser Chair/SF), Liz Cooper (Clerk/EC), Cllrs Duncan Reid (DR), Stuart Norman (SN) and Carl Pettman (CP).  Cllr Fox-Davies joined the meeting at the start and Cllr Waite joined the meeting at 7.30pm.

  1. Apologies for absence

Were noted from Karen Marshall.

  1. To consider planning applications:-

P16/V0580/FUL – amendment no.1

Land adjacent & to the rear of the George & Dragon, Reading Rd, Upton. Engineering works – levelling north east area to provide training school/ménage (TBC).

Clerk’s note:- in the absence of supporting paperwork, the planning application could not be discussed. EC had spoken to the Planning Department, but no further information was available. SF/DR to arrange a meeting with the tenant of the site, interested neighbours, District and Parish Councils to more fully establish intentions for the land in question and to create an understanding by all parties. ACTION SF/DR

  1. To record declarations of interest from councillors regarding items on the agenda.

No declarations of interest were made.

  1. To approve the minutes of the following meetings:-

– 20th March 2017. Minutes approved.

– AGM 22nd May 2017. Clerk to check if these minutes remain in draft until the next

AGM. ACTION EC. Clerk’s note – confirmed AGM mins remain in draft till next AGM.

  1. To hear Clerk’s Report
  • To discuss financial update

The clerk produced a reconciled financial update of receipts and payments.

  • To discuss overview of work – EC highlighted the following:-
    • Good practice changes to agenda and minutes following ‘The Clerk’s Year’ training course on 27.6.17.
    • PC element of village web site – now featured many of the updated council documents. DR to speak to Brian Rippon re taking on the administration of the PC element of the web site. ACTION DR
    • Cloud storage and IT. It was suggested that a PC IT strategy be discussed at the next meeting. ACTION EC for September Agenda.
  • To discuss information contained within Clerk’s email dated 12th June refers.

E-mail was discussed. The Clerk was asked to leave the room at this point while the information provided was discussed. On the Clerk’s return the following had been agreed:-

  • That an ex gratia payment would be made to the Clerk of £150 for work over and above the allotted hours.
  • It was resolved that the Clerks job role and remuneration be reviewed by a job evaluation assessment carried out by OALC ACTION SF
  • It was confirmed that a mileage rate of 45ppm should be claimed with immediate effect in line with HMRC guidelines.
  1. To hear representations from the public

None were present at this time. 

  1. To receive reports from District & County Councillors
  2. Fox-Davies – please see written report attached. (Clerk’s note – aw copy of report)
  3. Waite – please see written report attached.
  4. To agree conditions of use, plus update on the state of repair of the UPC marquee.

SF to update on repairs at next meeting.  ACTION SF

All agreed that the marquee can only be hired out within the village to members of the village.

  1. To consider ways of reducing rubbish left on rec

CP action on bin situation carried forward to next meeting. ACTION CP

EC to highlight ‘rec ground rules’ to all. ACTION EC.

  1. To agree remaining items to be published under Parish Council on village web site
  • Gifts & Grants

EC to ensure up to date version on web site. ACTION EC

  • Risk Assessment )
  • Assets Register ) DR issued document for comment by all. ACTION ALL TO DR
  1. To approve expenditure

Clerk expenses approved. Total for the period 13.6.17 – 17.7.17 of £26.02

  1. To discuss current year audit and future internal audit

SN confirmed that the audit had not as yet gone to the auditors. 

  1. AOB


The meeting finished at 8.10pm

Date of next meeting:-

Monday 18th September 2017, 6pm in the village hall meeting room.