Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 9th May 2017

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Upton Parish Council

Held in Upton Village Hall Meeting Room, Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 6.00 pm

  1. In attendance:-

            Mr S Fraser (Chair/SF), Miss E Cooper (Clerk/EC), Mr S Norman (SN), Mr Duncan Reid (DR) 

  1. Apologies for Absence:- K. Marshall in advance


  1. Declarations of Interest

Members are asked to declare any personal interest and the nature of that interest which they may have in any items under consideration at this meeting.

None declared.

  1. Co-opt New Council Member

            Deferred to next meeting.

  1. Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on 24th April 2017 – agreed with no matters arising & signed by the chair.

  1. Planning Application Discussion

            4.1 P17/V1029/HH

The Croft, Prospect Road, Upton, single & two storey side & rear extensions. Deadline 16.05.17

Mr & Mrs Green of The Croft attended for this part of the meeting.

The council voted ‘No Objections’ to the application.

4.2 P17/V1108/CM

Prospect Farm, Chilton. Increase size of hardstanding & internal track, additional storage bay & realignment of internal fence. Non-material amendment to P12/V2469/CM.

EC checked with Planning Dept & no Action is required form the PC on a CM (county matters) application.

  1. Finance

5.1 Sign off cashbook for 2016/7

Sign off was deferred to the AGM on 22 May.

5.2 Sign off budget for 2017/8

A further Finance meeting was arranged between SN, SF & EC for 11 May, with sign off deferred to the AGM on 22 May.

5.3 Agree renewal of UPC Local Council Insurance

DR agreed to examine the insurance proposal in more detail and report back. ACTION DR

            Sign off deferred to AGM on 22 May.

5.4 Sign off clerk expenses to date

This was signed off, with agreement to authorise online at finance meeting on 11 May.

5.5 Sign off chair expenses to date

This was signed off, with agreement to authorise online at finance meeting on 11 May.

  1. Play Equipment

Update on zip wire repair & any other concerns.

SF stated that the zip wire platform was of a bespoke, but poor design and this was the element that had broken. This had been taped off in the play area. The company who had supplied this would send replacement parts and then members of the council would arrange to have them fitted. ACTION SF

DR also said that he would sort out the new playground inspection rota. ACTION DR

  1. Date of next Upton Parish Council Meetings

AGM Monday 22nd May 2017 at 7.30pm, village hall meeting room.

Regular Parish Council Meeting Monday 17th July 8pm, village hall meeting room.

The meeting closed at 7pm.

Liz Cooper

Clerk to UPC

15th May 2017

Tel:  01235 798038


Appendix A – Schedule of payments

Description Amount £
Clerks Salary – April 2017 187.84
Clerks Salary – May 2017 187.84
Clerks expenses (Apr – May 2017)

Mileage / APM refreshments / Online document storage

Chair expenses (APM wine) 30.60
UPC Local Council Annual Insurance (TBA) 613.30
TOTAL £1050.44