Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 20th February 2018

In attendance:- Duncan Reid (Vice-Chair/DR), Liz Cooper (Clerk/EC), Stuart Norman (SN), Karen Marshall (KM), Brendan Heneghan (BH)

1. Apologies for absence received and accepted from Stuart Fraser, Carl Pettman, prior to meeting.

2. Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda. No declarations of interest were made.

3. To consider the following planning applications:-

3.1 P18/V0230/FUL Gatehouse Garage. Variation of condition 1 (approved plans) of Planning Permission P17/V1059/FUL re-position the garage by 3.5 metres to the south of approved location and increase the height by 1.5 metres. Deadline 12noon on 26th February 2018

The council OBJECTED to this application on the following grounds:-

– The resulting building will be too large, overbearing and entirely negates all the original mitigating factors (such as burying the lower storey) in the original design statement. – This amendment represents a very different proposal to the original (P17/V1059/FUL) and now proposes a two storey, high roofed, fully above ground, second property on the site. This exacerbates the overbearing development on the whole site. – Insufficient attention and detail has been given to the following extremely important factors:- – Flood risk and run off. Rain water run off already affects the access drive and causes standing water on the main road. – Foul water drainage. There is no scheme of foul water drainage provided with this application. – Tree protection. Tree protection on the site is already a major concern and does not appear as a consideration for this application. – The planning history of this site to date indicates that very close attention should be paid to changes to the developments on this site. – Upton Parish Council is concerned that the proposed garage building would be converted to a full dwelling in the future.
The council agreed that a letter should also be written to the Planning Enforcement Officer and Head of Planning regarding the whole development. ACTION DR

3.2 P18/V0347/FUL Dene Hollow Stables, Dene Hollow, Chilton. Variation of condition 2 – change of use from domestic equestrian to commercial. Construction of 9 stables, wash box, wc, tack room, mechanical exercise enclosure, new timber entrance gates, temporary mobile home accommodation.

Deadline 12 noon 8th March 2018

The council needed more time to consider this development more closely and therefore postponed a decision to a further meeting.

4. Planning Application Changes:-

4.1 P17/V3081/FUL Alden Farmhouse / Equestrian Facilities development Letter from Sally Appleyard dated 8.2.18 refers. No response required. Planning permission granted. 4.2 P16/V0580/FUL Land adjacent & to the rear of the George & Dragon. Engineering works pertaining to land clearance and provision of training school/menage. Planning permission granted.

5. AOB 5.1 The councillors briefly discussed the garage door situation and were aware of the need to take a good look at the garage and fully assess any modifications required.

5.2 The councillors briefly discussed the importance of recruiting of new councillors in light of recent resignations.

The meeting concluded at 6.40pm.

Date of next meeting:- Monday 19th March 2018, 6pm in the village hall meeting room