Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting 5th April 2018

Minutes of an extraordinary meeting of Upton Parish Council held on Thursday 5th April 2018 in the Upton village hall meeting room.
Present: Stuart Fraser (SCF/Chair), Liz Cooper (EC/Clerk), Brendan Heneghan (BH), Karen Marshall (KM), Stuart Norman (SN)

1. Apologies for absence None.

2. Declarations of interest None.

3. Planning Summary BH gave a brief summary on how planning currently works for the benefit of the council.

4. The following planning applications were considered:-
4.1 P18/V0610/HH
Fernwood, High Street, Upton. Creation of 2 box dormers at rear first floor, 3 box dormer windows at front first floor, replacement of existing plastic windows with wooden casements & creation of new single storey extension.

The council voted No Objections to this application.

4.2 P18/V0551/HH Cherry Cottage, Chilton Road, Upton. Amendment to P17/V0252/HH. New bedroom at front of house does not have enough headroom.
The council voted No Objections to this application.

5. AOB None.

Dates of forthcoming meetings:-

Annual Parish Meeting, Monday 16th April 2018, 7.15 for 7.30pm in the village hall.

Annual General Meeting, Monday 14thg May 2018, 7.30pm in the village hall meeting room.