Minutes of Meeting 19th March 2018

Minutes of the meeting of Upton Parish Council (UPC) held at 6pm on Monday 19th March 2018 in the village hall meeting room.
Present:- Duncan Reid (Vice Chair/DR), Liz Cooper (Clerk/EC), Stuart Norman (SN), Carl Pettman (CP), Cllr R Waite (RW), Brendan Heneghan (BH), PCSOs Gary Kirby & Chris Radcliffe

1. Apologies for absence Stuart Fraser, Karen Marshall, Cllr Fox-Davies in advance.

2. To hear here a brief explanation on the Ryde Brief from Hamish Blythe Unfortunately Mr Blythe was delayed in London so was unable to attend the meeting.

3. To receive a report from the PCSO A verbal report was given my PCSO Gary Kirby and included:- 2018 to date there are no crimes of note to report. There continues to be some rural crime such as hare coursing and thefts from outbuildings/vehicles. PCSO Kirby also advised parishioners to feel free to report anything out of place by calling ‘101’, and if there is any perceived risk or crime not to hesitate in calling ‘999’.

4. To receive reports from District & County Councillors R. Waite – written report (circulated prior to meeting and included at end of minutes). RW agreed to send a monthly report to the Clerk for circulation to the PC. ACTION RW Regarding the Gate House build, RW to report to PC when outstanding reports are concluded. DR to write a letter concerning the Gate House build to RW, with a copy to the Head of Planning. ACTION DR RW reported that UPC would receive no money from the Community Grant. RW to investigate other donations for the installation of a defib cabinet at the village hall. He also noted other applications for community grants and grant application advice training sessions (see RW notes below). SN to look at potential for new grant applications and attending an advice session. ACTION SN RW also highlighted upcoming charity fundraising events detailed at the end of his report (see below) where all are welcome to attend.

M Fox-Davies – written report (circulated prior to meeting and included at end of minutes)

5. To record declarations of interest from councillors regarding items on the agenda No declarations of interest were made.

6. To approve the minutes of previous meetings:- The minutes for meetings held on 15.01.18 and 06.03.18 were signed off. There were no matters arising and the following action points were noted:- RW to forward details to the PC of local brown field sites. ACTION RW Clerk/SCF to speak to Brian Rippon regarding the PCs IT requirements. ACTION Clerk/SCF

7. To hear representations from the public Mike Brown handed over a cash donation of £25 on behalf of Upton News. He also noted that Footpath 21 was in use again after fences had been erected on both sides. MB also stated that a village litter pick had been organised for Sunday 25th March. The PC will discuss next year’s litter pick at the meeting in January 2019.

9. To hear Clerk’s Financial Report 9.1 The updated and reconciled cashbook to 16.03.18 was distributed prior to the meeting. 9.2 The presented Budget for 2018/19 (distributed prior to meeting) was agreed and the following was noted: Due to the costs for the resurfacing of the pump track and potential costs for repairs and/or replacement of play equipment, the PC agreed to consider a village wide consultation as to the play area facilities and use in general. 9.3 The clerk reported that a VAT rebate of £634 had been received in to the PCs bank account. 9.4 The clerk confirmed the External Auditor for the PC is Moore Stevens and that audit paperwork was yet to be received. 9.5 The clerk reported that the PC had been successful in it’s application for Transparency Grant funding in the sum of £1014.96.

10. To hear an update on the provision and installation of a defib cabinet to the village hall See RW note above. DR reported that if there was no progress in two months, the PC would need to make a decision on how to proceed in funding this work. It was noted that electrical work quotes would also have to be renewed.

11. To hear an update on the Recreation Ground Inspection Rota DR reported that the inspection rota included nine volunteers and would currently run to the end of 2018. DR to send an email regarding someone taking over the running of the rota as he was stepping down. SN reported that the base of the toddler slide needed looking at in terms of health & safety, even though the last RoSPA report identified the risk level as ‘low’. SN to take photos and report back to the PC. ACTION SN

12. To hear an update on the situation in Stream Road with regards to the concrete bails. DR (on behalf of SCF) reported that SCF was meeting with Gordon Kelman of OCC to discuss a possible solution to the problem noting that OCC have no formal responsibility. CP reported that further damage had recently been caused to the bails.

13. To discuss the use of the recreational ground for Under 14s Rugby The PC agreed to grant permission. EC to email accordingly. ACTION Clerk

14. To discuss any involvement of the PC in the Local Airspace Development consultation CP agreed to take a closer look at the requirements of the consultation and report back to the PC. ACTION CP

15. To approve expenditure 15.1 Expenses & Invoices The following items were agreed/signed off:- Clerk expenses for the period 16.01.18 to 19.03.18 Total £19.86 OALC Annual Subscription £112.55 + VAT OALC Clerk Job Evaluation invoice £60.00 OALC Roles & Responsibilities Course £80 + VAT GDPR Membership £35.00 – Clerk’s note: awaiting confirmation from OALC as to status for applying for membership.

15.2 To discuss donation requests The PC agreed to donate £25 to Home Start. ACTION Clerk to arrange

16. AOB The Clerk noted that a new planning application had been received and therefore a planning meeting would be arranged before the deadline of 12 noon on 7th April.

The meeting closed at 7.27pm

Date of upcoming meetings:-

Annual Parish Meeting, Monday 16th April 2018, 7.15 for 7.30pm pm in the village hall.

Annual General Meeting, date TBC in May 2018 in the village hall meeting room.

Regular Parish Council meeting, Monday 16th July 2018 in the village hall meeting room.