Minutes of Meeting 21st March 2019

Minutes of a meeting of Upton Parish Council (UPC) held at 7pm on Thursday 21st March 2019 in the village hall meeting room. 

In attendance:- Mr S Fraser (Chair/SCF), Miss E Cooper (Clerk/EC), Miss K Marshall (KM), Mr B Heneghan (BH), Mr S Norman (SN), Mr I Sykes (IS), Miss J Fidgen (JF)

  1. Apologies for absence

None received.

  1. To record declarations of interest from councillors regarding items on the agenda

BH declared an interest in the planning application for Skippets Stables as this is a close neighbour.

  1. Reports from District & County Councillors

None received.

  1. Report from the PCSO

None received.

  1. Approve the minutes of the following meetings:- 

UPC   14.01.19

UPCX  28.01.19

Minutes were approved by the council.

  1. To go through any Matters Arising and Actions from previous minutes above

No matters arising.

  1. To hear representations from the public

None present.

  1. To discuss Planning Application(s):-

             8.1 P18/V2119/FUL Braeside, Orchard Close, Upton. Amendment – flood risk


No action required from the PC.

8.2 P18/V3063/HH Alden House, Aldens Lane, Upton. Amended plans

No action required from the PC.

8.3 P19/V0624/FUL Skippets Stables, Dene Hollow, Chilton

Erection of an American Barn containing 10 stables & small storage barn together

with provision of a sand school & adjacent outdoor training area.

The council voted ‘no objections’ to this application.

  1. Clerk’s Financial Report & Approve Expenditure

9.1 Updated cashbook report to 19.03.19

The Clerk presented the up to date cash book (previously emailed to councillors).

9.2 Expenses & Invoices (to be paid)

  • Clerk expenses for the period 15.01.19 to 21.03.19 Total £3.60
  • Clerk NALC pay increase wef I April 2019

The council agreed to the NALC increase wef 1.4.19. Clerk to send details to SN.

  • OALC Annual Membership £138.97
  • Chair expenses £25.00
  • JF expenses £18.90
  • Churn Benefice – photocopying of Upton News £240.00

The council agreed that all payments should be made.

9.3 Expenses & Invoices (paid, to be ratified)

  • Microsoft Office £3.80
  • HMRC PAYE Monthly SO £41.20

The council agreed with these payments.

9.4 Donation Requests to be agreed & approved

  • Home Start £25.00

The council agreed to make this donation request. Clerk to issue cheque.

  1.     UPC banking issues post-election (new authorisers, signatories)

SCF raised the issue that new authorisers and signatories would be required

immediately post-election, especially in view of the length of time these changes can

take with the bank. BH agreed to become a new signatory and authoriser. Clerk to

instigate paperwork.

  1. APM meeting date

Due to school and Easter holidays, the council agreed to move the date of the APM to Monday 29th April. The council also agreed that this meeting should be a ‘meet the village’ event, with this year’s key topic being ‘What to do with the Toddler Play Area?’. Also agreed to make annual reports available for people to read ahead of the meeting from 7pm in the village hall. Clerk to confirm change date and book village hall. 

  1. Items for discussion:-

12.1 Web site update training & IT Update

The Clerk confirmed she had some training on how to update the PC part of the

village web site and would follow this up with a written procedure.

The Chair stated he had set up ‘alias’ email addresses for Office 365 (at no cost).

Any emails received on these addresses would be distributed as appropriate.  It was  noted that Office 365 did not meet the requirements of UPC.   It was further

proposed that UPC switch to Krystal.co.uk.  It was agreed that UPC would change

from Office 365 to Krystal.co.uk subject to BH completing the necessary due

diligence. BH to investigate krystal.co.uk.

12.2 Uptonogood?

Mountain Bike Event Saturday 15th June 2019 – use of recreation ground. The PC

agreed to the recreation ground being used for this event. Clerk to inform Bob Lott.

12.3 Chilton Road update

SCF received a request from a villager regarding inadequate signage from the

Chilton Road through to Upton village. The signage was checked and is up to current

standards.  However, Highways has agreed to put up “Not suitable for heavy goods

signs” on the approach to Chilton Road in the new budget year.

12.4 Recreation ground signage

SCF had checked other play areas and recommended that new signage for the

village rec should be created to cover who is responsible for the rec, no fires, no

BBQs on the ground, rubbish etc.  To be discussed after elections.

12.5 Purchase of small ride on mower

The council agreed in principle to the purchase of a small ride on mower to make it

easier for volunteers who mow common grass throughout the village (current

mower is push variety). Budget estimate of £1400 inc VAT. BH to confirm with

GdeW exact requirements.


  1. Future planning of the Recreation Ground play areas:-

13.1 Play area inspection rota

KM handed over this responsibility to IS.

13.2 Toddler play area old vs new – agree to defer to APM for open discussion

13.3 Adventure play area pump track resurfacing / running repairs – agreed to defer

to APM for open discussion.

  1. To discuss Parish Council Elections

14.1 Submission of nomination papers

The deadline for submission was reiterated.

14.2 Councillor Roles & Responsibilities

The council agreed the following:-

Communication – JF

Play area inspection rota – IS

Planning – all

The issue of the current Chair stepping down was discussed. Deferred to the AGM.

14.3 Quorate considerations

Following the election and if no new candidates are nominated, the council will

remain quorate, if a minimum of 3 councillors attend meetings.

  1. Date of future meetings:-

15.1 Annual Parish Meeting Tuesday 29th April 7pm for 7.30pm start, village hall.

15.2 Annual General Meeting Tuesday 14th May 7pm in the village hall meeting


15.3 Regular Council Meeting, Thursday 18th July 2019 at 7.00pm in the village

hall meeting room.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm.

Outstanding actions from this meeting:-

Date What / Who When
21.03.19 Clerk to send details of pay award to SN. ASAP
21.03.19 Clerk to send cheque for £25 to Home Start. ASAP
21.03.19 Clerk to instigate new signatory paperwork with Lloyds. ASAP
21.03.19 Clerk to confirm change of date for APM from 16th to 29th April & book room. Actioned.
21.03.19 BH to investigate krystal.co.uk ASAP
21.03.19 Clerk to inform Bob Lott permission for Bike Night given. Actioned.
21.03.19 SCF to consider recreation ground signage requirements after election. May 2019
21.03.19 BH to spk GdeW re new mower spec. ASAP
21.03.19 Rec ground signage discussion – all Post elections