Minutes of Meeting 28th November 2019

Minutes of the Upton Parish Council meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 28th November 2019 in the village hall meeting room. 

In attendance:- Cllr Ben Shaw (Chair/BS), Liz Cooper (Clerk/EC), Cllrs Peter McLaughlin (PMcL) & Brendan Heneghan (BH), District Cllr Hayleigh Gasgoigne (HG) & County Cllr Mike Fox-Davies (MFD). Mr David Beckles was also in attendance. 

  1. Apologies for absence 

Stuart Fraser, Ian Sykes 

      2. Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda 

None declared. 

      3. To co-opt a new councillor  

Mr David Beckles was nominated, seconded and co-opted to the council as a new councillor. Mr Beckles has previously served as a Parish Councillor. His Acceptance of Office & Declaration of Interests forms were completed & handed to the Clerk. 

     4. Approve previous minutes & note any matters arising 

The minutes from UPC meeting 17.09.19 and UPCX meeting 30.10.19 were unanimously approve with no changes. 

     5. Report from the County Councillor (circulated in advance to the council & included at Appendix A below). 

     6. Report from the District Councillor (circulated in advance to the council & included at Appendix B below). 

     7. Representations from the public  

None present. 

8. Outstanding actions carried forward from previous meetings:- 

No.  Description – O/S Action Points  When by 
7.  Rec ground signage discussion – all (details from SCF) 

EC to resend info to PC for discussion at January meeting 

ASAP for Jan meeting 
8.  PMcL update on review & completion of the Annual Community Emergency Planning Survey  Ongoing 
  Action points from September meeting   
No.  Description  When By 
1.  Clerk to contact other local PCs for information on defib training. 

Clerk to forward info to PC 

2.  BS to contact last first responder in village for information.  Cancelled 
4.  Agree on who/how to deal with financial dealings previously carried out by Cllr S Norman (PAYE, HMRC, audit, grant applications). Clerk to speak to internal auditor for guidance.  Complete 
6.  BH to speak to Blewbury Chair re speeding data.  Complete 
7.  PMcL / BH to obtain necessary details inc costs to move PC element of the village web site to under PCs control.  Ongoing / ASAP 


  1. To agree the council’s response to the following planning applications:-

9.1 P19/V2955/HH Owlscote Barn, High Street, Upton 

       Proposed repointing & partial replacement of existing timber panelling in timber  

       Frame. Proposed remedial works to existing timber posts. 

       Deadline 2.12.19 

       UPC voted ‘no objections’ to this application, but with reference to the LB elements being 

       in order. 

9.2 P19/V2956/LB As above  

       Deadline 2.12.19 

       UPC no objections. 

9.3 P19/V2967/LB As above        

      Deadline 2.12.19 

      UPC no objections. 

9.4 P19/V2998/HH Lattons, High Street, Upton 

       Alterations & two-storey & single storey extensions. Re-siting of driveway access. 

       Deadline 6.12.19 

       UPC voted ‘no objections’ to this application, but with reference to Highways approving the 

      new entrance to the drive.  

  1. To receive an update on UPC Finances

10.1 To receive an update on signatories with Lloyds Bank 

         New signatories confirmed wef 11.11.19 

10.2 To agree the following payments:- 


Date  Payee  £ 
28.10.19 28.11.19  Clerk’s salary SO  Not publicly disclosed 
28.11.19  Clerk’s expenses   £28.80 
Sept, Oct, Nov  HMRC PAYE SO  £129.00 

19.10.19/ 19.11.19 

Microsoft Office365 Sept, Oct, Nov DD @£3.80pm  £11.40 


      10.2 Receipts 

               10.2.1 Bank interest (Sept, Oct, Nov) £1.68 

               10.2.2 Use of UPC marquee donation £50 (12.11.19) 

      10.3 To discuss Budgets 

                10.3.1 Half yearly results for 19/20 

                            Circulated to the PC in advance of the meeting. 

                10.3.2 Draft budget for 20/21 

                            Circulated to the PC in advance of the meeting. Following discussion, the Clerk was  

                            asked to make adjustments and represent for sign off in January. 

      10.4 Agree on who/how to deal with financial dealings previously carried out by Cllr S  Norman (Audit, Grant Applications) 

               The council agreed that this experience was now lacking from within the PC. 

  1. Update on the Play Areas maintenance, upgrades and inspections

       C/fwd in the absence of IS. 

  1. Rec regeneration plan’ following the APM & RoSPA report this year

       C/fwd in the absence of IS.  

  1. Update on car park extension plans

       PMcL had obtained 3 quotes for extending the village hall car park. The quotes would be 

       examined closely for consistency and recommendations to follow. 

  1. Parish Council web site plan of action

      BH & PMcL to move forward with this, particularly in light of the need for a fully accessible web 

      site by September 2020 and the lack of current access for updating purposes. 

  1. Review UPC Standing Orders (sent to UPC for review 5.11.19)

       Clerk to update with minor changes, plus Chair’s recommendation and reissue to all for final 


  1. Update of Defibrillator training

       The Clerk had obtained details of providers of defib training. To pursue further. 

  1. Regular village tree inspections 

       C/fwd to January meeting. Cllr Gascoigne to see if plan of Upton village trees exists within the D.C.

      18. Update on potential Speed Watch activity in Upton

       BH had discussed this activity with the Chair of Blewbury Parish Council. The PC unanimously 

       agreed to contribute up to £1000 towards the purchase and subsequent use of equipment for  

       Speed Watch activities. 

  1. To discuss any significant items of correspondence received or circulated

       19.1 VE Day 75 anniversary 

                It was agreed to forward this information to the Upton church. Clerk to action. 

       19.2 Tree planting – new cemetery 

                The PC agreed that oak trees would be useful if carefully planted in the new cemetery.  

                Question of ownership to be raised with Upton church. Clerk also to respond to requestor. 

Date of next meeting:- Tuesday 14th January 2020 at 7.30pm, in the meeting room of the Upton village hall.  




County council backs proposals for integrated health and social care system Proposals for a new ‘integrated care system’ (ICS) for Oxfordshire designed to improve health and social care services were welcomed by the county council’s Cabinet. The new joined-up health and care system will also cover Buckinghamshire and Berkshire West. A draft of the five-year plan for an integrated care system has been published and is due to be submitted to NHS England in November. In the draft plan, the NHS and local authorities in the three areas have committed to planning health and care services around individual needs. Health and care organisations will work collectively to help people enjoy better health by focusing on preventing illness and improving care for those who need it. 

The principle of ‘local first’ has been established, with community-run services a vital part of the integrated care system. GP practices will become part of ‘primary care networks’ that serve communities of around 30-50,000 people. By working together, GP practices will offer access to a wide range of local services, such as NHS and social services, as well as services provided by voluntary groups. 

These care networks will also be part of larger ‘integrated care partnerships’ – one for each of the three county areas, including Oxfordshire. The partnerships will join up local hospital and mental health services with council and community services. 

Oxfordshire backs ambitious regional transport and connectivity plan 

Oxfordshire County Council has endorsed the development of a strategy which sets out a vision for a regional zero-carbon transport network by 2050. England’s Economic Heartland is currently engaging on the first stage of a region-wide strategy which sets out a vision for the development and investment in ‘connectivity’ – the ability to travel and communicate – across an area which stretches between Swindon and Cambridgeshire. 

The strategy will be out for full public consultation in 2020 and will set out the region’s strategic infrastructure needs to both Government and the private sector.  

Oxfordshire communities invited to bid for £1m fund to provide youth services Voluntary and community organisations are being invited to bid for a share of Oxfordshire County Council’s new £1m Youth Opportunity Fund. The fund is aimed at groups that can provide activities and opportunities for young people between the ages of 11-18, and 11-25 with special educational needs. 

Feedback from Oxfordshire residents points to strong support for improving community-run youth services. This new fund is available to help existing projects expand and new ones get started. Grants of up to £70,000 are available.    

Minerals and waste sites approved in a draft plan for consultation 

The county council has a statutory duty to prepare a new Oxfordshire Minerals and Waste Local Plan to replace the existing Minerals and Waste Local Plan, which was adopted in 1996. 

Public consultation on site options took place in 2018, which covered all the minerals and waste sites that had been nominated for possible inclusion within the Site Allocations Plan. 

Following site assessments by council-appointed consultants and a review by council officers, a list of preferred sites was produced which is now included in the draft plan for consultation, none of which is in our area.  

Health and care providers working together to manage winter pressures 

Health and social care professionals from across Oxfordshire, including hospitals, GPs, social services, ambulance services, mental health services and charities will be working together to deliver responsive and joined-up services throughout the winter season. 

Winter is a high-pressure season for health and social care services, with the colder temperatures and harsher weather conditions leading to increased demands on GPs and Emergency Departments as flu season begins.  

By building on last year’s collaborative working, the system-wide team will help provide safe, effective, and sustainable care for people across Oxfordshire.  The team will also work to improve quality and performance of emergency and urgent care in the area.   

The key messages of the campaign include: 

  • People are urged to have a winter plan for themselves and their family so that they know what they need to do to keep as well as possible, what they can do if they become unwell, and how they can look after their elderly neighbours who may not be able to look after themselves.   
  • GP practices will contact those patients eligible for the free flu jab to attend vaccination clinics which are taking place over the next few months in Oxfordshire. The flu vaccine is an effective way for people to keep well and healthy over winter. 
  • If people are worried about an urgent medical concern over the winter period, they are advised to call 111 to speak to fully trained advisors available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  


Report from District Councillors  Cllr Hayleigh Gascoigne and Cllr Sarah Medley  

Since the last Upton Parish Council meeting, there has been a meeting of the full council.  

For full agenda items and motions passed, see link.  

The newly formed Climate Emergency Advisory Committee held its inaugural meeting, see link.  

General Election 2019  

Information from the Vale of White Horse District Council website on voting in the upcoming General Election:  

Register to vote – deadline has passed  

Postal voting – Everybody who applies for a postal vote should receive their ballot pack by 6 December – if it doesn’t arrive by this date people should contact Elections on 01235 422528 to request a replacement. This is the earliest point at which we can issue replacements. With postal votes we are reliant on the mail being delivered on time. Therefore, if anyone is likely to be away after 6 December, they should consider applying for a proxy vote instead to guarantee their vote.  

Proxy voting – If you’re unable to vote in person on polling day, you can appoint someone to vote on your behalf – this is called a proxy vote. If you wish to vote by proxy in the General Election on 12 December 2019, then we must receive your application by 5pm on Wednesday 4 December 

For more information visit www.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/services-and-advice/local-democracy/elections/how-vote/voting-proxy  

Join the Independent Remuneration Panel for Councillors’ Allowances  

Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire district councils are looking for volunteers to join a joint panel to help set councillors’ allowances. The Independent Remuneration Panel for councillors’ allowances consists of up to five members of the public who help determine how much money councillors from both councils receive for their time, while also giving value for money. Previous panellists have included members of the police, business community, also a theatre manager, pilot and vet. Successful candidates need to attend two or three meetings before the end of 2019 and would expect to be part of the panel until September 2023, although after the initial review of allowances in 2019, there is very little extra work. The role is voluntary however travelling expenses can be paid.  

The closing date for applications is 29 November 2019. Download an application pack here  

For more information, email paul.bateman@southandvale.gov.uk or call 01235 422523.  

Safe Places  

Even more locations across South and Vale are now signed up as ‘Safe Places’, these are venues where people can go and receive assistance if they are feeling confused, anxious, abused or harassed while out in the community. The scheme is already available in Abingdon and all four market towns in South Oxfordshire. Now all of our leisure centres are registered as Safe Places, with trained staff available to help if someone requires assistance, as well as 16 shops, cafes and community venues in Faringdon, Wantage and Grove. You can find out where the safe places are by visiting safeplaces.org.uk/member-schemes. Participating venues can also be identified by the distinctive orange and yellow Safe Places sticker in their window.  

‘Don’t Disappear’ Video: Raising awareness of relationship abuse  

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (OPCC) has launched a video ‘Don’t Disappear’ to raise awareness of relationship abuse. ‘Don’t Disappear’ tells the story of Jamie and Emma; from the seemingly loving early stages of