Minutes May 2020

Upton Parish Council – DRAFT 


Minutes of the Upton Parish Council meeting held on Thursday 21st May 2020 at 7.30pm via an e-conference system. 

In attendance:- Cllrs B Shaw (Chair/BS), D Beckles (DB), B Heneghan (BH), P McLaughlin & Miss E Cooper (Clerk/EC)  



  1. Apologies for absence
    Received in advance from Mrs J Reid (UVHAT/JR)
  2. Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda
    None declared.
  3. Approve the minutes of the following meetings & note any matters arising:-  
          UPC 19.03.20 
  4.     Council unanimously approved the above minutes with no changes.
  5. County Councillor report (see Appendix B below)
    Cllr MF-D advised the council to apply for this year’s Councillor Priority Fund. Clerk to complete form.
  6. District Councillor (see Appendix C below)
  7. Representations from the public 
    A member of the public joined the meeting at 9pm.
  8. Result of the casual vacancy (expired 14.05.20)
    No applications for the vacant posts within the parish council were received by the District Council. The parish council is therefore free to co-opt suitable applicants. 
  9. To hear an update on the community response to the Coronavirus & it’s impact on the village
    JR provided an update in advance of the meeting. JR reported that the Whatsapp group was     working well in terms of community help in the village. Other communication methods were also working well. The District Council continues to offer additional help and support (see Appendix C below).
  10. To report on outstanding actions carried forward from previous  meetings:- 


No.  Action Points from this meeting  When by 
1.  Clerk to complete Lloyds paperwork, obtain signatures & return to Lloyds Bank  ASAP 
2.  PMcL to check & repair signs & tape to play areas as appropriate.  ASAP 
3.  BS to start formulation of requirements for 5-year plan consultation  July meeting 
4.  Clerk to complete CPF form  ASAP 


No.  Action Points from March Meeting  When by 
1.  JR to look into previous Welcome to the Village’ pack.  C’fwd 
2.  Clerk to look at adding Emergency Measures to the SOs.  Ongoing 
3.  Peter to confirm any immediate remedial actions to play area equipment.  Ongoing 
4.  Clerk to nominate other contractors to quote for new toddler play area.  C’fwd 
5.  JR to look into documentation held by UVHAT concerning the village hall / PC history  C’fwd 
9.  BH to write para for Upton News for volunteers for Speedwatch.  On hold 
No.  Action Points from previous meetings  When by 
BH to speak to Bob Lott regarding the pump track resurfacing & costs.      C’fwd from March 
Clerk to pursue Defib training  On hold 
PMcL to draft the start of a re-located toddler play area.  On hold 



  1. 10.To ratify or agree the council’s response to the following planning applications:- 

        10.1 P20/V672/HH ThistledomeStream Road, Upton 

           Single storey side extension, front extension, single storey side extension, single storey 

           rear extension. Deadline noon 06.04.20. 

           UPC voted no objections to this consultation. 

        10.2 P19/V3240/HH Amendment 1, Stowe House, High Street, Upton 

          UPC voted no objections to this amendment. 

        10.3 P19/V3307/HH Vale House, High Street, Upton 

          Part 2-storey, part single storey side & rear extensions. 

          Deadline 18.04.20. UPC voted no objections to this consultation. 

          Planning approved 01.05.20 

       10.4 P20/V0770/HH Littlecote, High Street, Upton 

          Garden Store. Deadline 26.04.20 

          UPC voted no objections to this consultation. 

       10.5 P20/V0885/LB Owlscote Barn, High Street, Upton 

          Minor revisions to LB consent to annex outbuilding. 

          Deadline 06.05.20 

          UPC voted no objections to this change. 

       10.6 P19/V2998/HH Lattons, High Street, Upton 

          Alterations & two storey & single storey extensions. Re-siting of driveway access. 

          Deadline 22.05.20 

          UPC voted to maintain its previous response of ‘no objection’ with comments on the 

          siting of the driveway. 

       10.7 P20/V0770/HH Amendment 1, Littlecote, High Street, Upton 

          As amplified by further information regarding trees (root protection). 

          This consultation required no response from the PC. 


  1. 11Update on UPC Finances

  11.1  Update on Lloyds Bank accounts 

            Lloyds Bank has to date not followed instructions to change signatories on UPC’s bank 

            account. Compensation & apologies have been received from Lloyds Bank who will 

            action when further papers received. Lloyds require a Resolution to be signed, 

            allowing a PC signatory to agree to the required changes. A copy of the resolution is at 

            Appendix A below. Council unanimously agreed to the resolution. BS proposed the 

            member of the public who joined the meeting at 9pm as the required witness. This was 

            seconded by PMcL. Clerk to complete paperwork, obtain signatures & forward to 

            Lloyds Bank. 

   11.2  Ratify the agreement made by email to proceed with a quote for replacement garage 

            doors from Mr A Hamey in the sum of £1000 on the grounds of safety & security. 

            The council unanimously confirmed its agreement to proceed with the quote, & the 

            subsequent payment of £600 for the manufacture of the doors. The fitting of the doors 

            is delayed due to current circumstances. 

        11.3  Agree the following payments:- 

                 Additional notes:-  

  1.   Expenses 

                 The council unanimously agreed to the Clerk’s revised expenses in the sum of 

                 £152.22, due to the receipt of further expenses since the agenda was issued. Council 

                 also agreed to expenses in the sum of £9.79 for PMcL being submitted. 

  1.   Liability insurance 

                 Council unanimously agreed to accept the 3-year agreement with Came&Co.  This sum 

                 was amended to £686.60 for the first year, which includes a £50 admin fee. 

  1.   Council unanimously agreed to accept the revised budget for 20/21 issued by the 

                 Clerk on 12.05.20, which makes allowances for the current situation. 





28.04.20,28.05.20  Clerk’s salary SO  Not publicly disclosed 
21.05.20  Clerk’s expenses   £152.22 
Apr, May  HMRC PAYE SO (@£44.80pm)  £89.60 
19.04.20, 19.05.20  Microsoft Office365 Apr & May DD @£3.80pm  £7.60 
01.06.20  UPC annual liability insurance with Came&Co – 3-year agreement  £686.60 
30.03.20  Kalehurst motor mower service  £370.55 
04.05.20  Motor Mower annual insurance with NFU 

Paid 047.05.20, to be ratified. 

(inc in clerk’s expenses above) 
31.03.20  Hamey – Garage doors build 

Paid 31.03.20, to be ratified 

21.05.20  PMcL expenses  £9.79 
  TOTAL  £1916.36 + Clerk’s salary SO above +* 


       11.4  Receipts 

                Precept 1st half 01.04.20 £5068.00 

                OCC CIP £1435.95 

                Bank interest (Apr, May) 56p, 57p 

                VAT repay £48.00  


      11.5   Sign off bank reconciliation to date 

                Provided in advance of the meeting & agreed by the Chair. To be physically signed at 

                a later date. 


  1. 12.Update on the Play Areas maintenance, upgrades and inspections

      Council agreed that the play areas remain closed at this time. PMcL agreed to check & repair 

      signs & tape to these areas as appropriate. 


  1. 13.Update on the ‘rec regeneration plan’ 

      13.1 Toddler play area 

      13.2 Pump track 

      13.3 Grounds maintenance contractor 

      13.4 Any other areas requiring attention within the recreation area 

              Re 13.1 – 13.4 above, Council agreed that any decisions on major work could not be 

              taken at this time & that further consultation was required to build on the work carried out 

              to date. Council noted the work of the volunteer group in maintaining the rec & other 

              green areas around the village. Council also noted reports of detritus left on rec by 

              visitors. Council to further consider proposals to help alleviate this problem. 


  1. 14.Update on car park extensionproject  

      Council agreed that no decisions on major work could be taken at this time. 


  1. 15Update onUPC IT 

       15.1 Village web site 

               PMcL reported that this was running well. 

       15.2 Implementation of UPC email addresses 

               New PC email addresses had been proposed. These would be tested & a go live date 



  1. 16.Update on proposedSpeed Watch activity in Upton 

      BH reported no volunteers due to current situation. To be readdressed at appropriate point in 

      the future. 


  1. 17Update oninformation gathered on the history of the rec & village hall 

       & any subsequent actions required  

       JR & EC reported that information continued to be sourced. 


  1. 18.Discuss any required plan of actionto:- 

      18.1 Create a new fiveyear parish council plan 

              BS agreed to be the lead on this & would incorporate all current activity. The plan would 

              also include a village wide survey (to be devised). 

      18.2 Revise the existing Parish Plan (2015/16) 

              Council agreed to consider the need for this following 18.1 above. 


  1. 19Formallyagree the following:- 

       19.1 The cancellation of this year’s Annual Parish & Annual General Meetings due to the 

               Covid-19 situation. 

               Council unanimously agreed. 

       19.2 That all future meetings will be held virtually until further notice 

               Council unanimously agreed.  



The meeting concluded at 9.30pm. 



Date of next meeting:- Thursday 23rd July 2020 at 7.30pm 

Appendix A 

Council Resolution 

At a full meeting of Upton Parish Council of Upton village, Oxfordshire, held on Thursday 21st May 2020, the following resolutions were passed in accordance with the council’s Standing Orders (Jan2020), item 14. Resolutions Moved on Notice: 

  1. That the following person(s) be appointed as new signatories to all accounts:

Full Name: Mr Benjamin James Howard Shaw 

Full Name: Mr Peter McLaughlin 

Full Name: Mr David Beckles 

  1. That the following person(s) be removed as authorised signatories from all the accounts:

Full Name: Mr Stuart Fraser 

Full Name: Mr Ian Sykes 

Full Name: Mr Brendan Heneghan 

For the aforementioned changes to take effect upon the Bank’s receipt of this resolution. 

We hereby certify that the above resolution is in accordance with the Parish Council’s Standing Orders (Jan2020). 



Appendix B 




Following the past period of lock-down, this is the start of the New Normal! 

This report includes some items that may have been repeated in other arenas, but I have tried to exclude those regularly featured in the press. 

New COVID-19 testing sites 

As part of the Department of Health & Social Care’s (DHSC) intention to widen access to Covid-19 testing through Mobile Testing Units (MTUs) run by the military, Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum (TV LRF) has been working closely with each partner local authority to identify, select and develop suitable MTU sites. There are around 5 sites currently either operational or under active consideration in Oxfordshire. I’m pleased to say that the following sites have been approved by the Department of Health & Social Care as a Mobile Testing Unit (MTU) for Oxfordshire and its communities:  

  • Carterton Leisure Centre 
  • Chipping Norton New Street Car Park 
  • Didcot Civic Centre 
  • Banbury Bodicote House 
  • Bicester Village 

Bookings for these testing sites will be managed in line with current DHSC guidance. Further information can be found at the .gov.uk site 

Councillor Priority Fund update 

This week the council has paid £6,675 in total to help support COVID-19 specific applications as agreed by councillors, with a running total of £36,255 since the fund opened. This week we have fulfilled applications from 

  • A first steps families hub, helping families with children aged 0-5. 
  • Food provision and community support for a parish council and village charity. 
  • A youth club, providing support and entertainment for children and young people during lockdown 

Our team is ready to process new applications as soon as they come in. The application form for the 20/21 Councillor Priority Fund and guidance on how to apply is on our website at oxfordshire.gov.uk/councillorpriorityfund. 

Re-opening of Oxfordshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres 

Oxfordshire’s HWRCs will re-open on 18 May. OCC want to manage their re-opening sensitively so the sites can operate safely, do not become overwhelmed or impact negatively on travel.  

Please emphasise that Government guidance says that trips to an HWRC should only be made if ‘essential’ – that is if the waste cannot be stored safely without harm to health. The Government guidance states: “It would be reasonable for residents to undertake a journey to a HWRC if the waste or recycling could not be stored safely at home or disposed of through other legitimate routes such as a dedicated collection. By this we mean that the waste/recycling could not be stored on their property without causing a risk of injury, health or harm to the resident or other members of their household or harm to public health and amenity.” 

OCC will begin a proactive communications to residents at the beginning of next week and a full list of FAQs is now live on our website: www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/wastereopenquestions. If you have any questions about the re-opening of Oxfordshire’s HWRCs please contact the waste management team on wastemanagement@oxfordshire.gov.uk 

Road repairs still rolling 

Miles of Oxfordshire road are getting a new lease of life as work to deliver the county council’s massive spring and summer list of repairs is continuing at pace. Having just completed 110 miles of surface dressing across the county, our road crews are now turning their attention to three structural patching projects at: 

  • Spring Lane, Watlington 
  • Manor Road, South Hinksey 
  • A417 Challow Road, Wantage 

There is also a programme of safety schemes starting in mid-May to resurface the following roads: 

  • B4027 Milford Bridge 
  • B4030 Steeple Barton 
  • A4095 North Leigh (Boddington Lane) 
  • London Road, Wheatley 
  • Southwold Ln Rbt, Bicester 
  • A4185 Rowstock Rbt 

Transport and Infrastructure work will be key to the country’s economic recovery and this work is all part of the county council’s promised £32m repair pledge. Although the use of the roads has fallen dramatically in recent weeks, please remind your communities they can still report safety-related problems with public highways, such as potholes, directly to the county council via https://fixmystreet.oxfordshire.gov.uk/ 

Libraries open for online business 

While our library buildings may be closed, we want to remind residents our digital library service is very much open for business. We are offering 1000s of eBooks, eAudio, newspapers and magazines to borrow for free and we’ve even got a music streaming service, with over 60,000 albums. Residents can get involved and discover everything on offer at www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/libraries. We’d also encourage them to head over to our Oxfordshire Libraries’ Facebook page for our weekly Bloomin’ good book cluband songs and stories to entertain the younger members of the family from our fantastic library service team. 

Refreshed coronavirus webpages and new easy read COVID-19 guide 

The county council’s coronavirus webpages have been transformed to provide a more accessible hub of information. The new look pages are easier to navigate and provide up-to-date information.  

Local Economy and Business 

District and City Council colleagues are continuing to work incredibly hard to communicate and action the significant changes that are being developed by Government to support residents, the economy and businesses through COVID-19.  

A recent key focus for our district council and city council colleagues has been on actively contacting businesses that are yet to submit their details for grant support in response to COVID-19, including those who already receive 100 percent rate relief. If you are aware of any business that may benefit from funding support and has yet to apply, please point them towards the local council website. Here they can find more information, confirm their eligibility for a Business Grant and apply.  

Quick links are below: 

 Self-employed people in urgent need of financial assistance are being advised by the Government to apply for Universal Credit and Council Tax Reduction. This will provide them with support until a grant for the self-employed becomes available in June.  

Scam awareness for business 

At a time when Oxfordshire businesses are already facing challenges posed by COVID-19, the proliferation of related scams directly targeting business are adding further strain. We are supportingBusinesses Against Scams, a new element of the successful Friends Against Scams initiative, run by National Trading Standards. They provide free online training to protect and prevent businesses, employees and customers from becoming victims of scams. Please help us to promote this initiative  www.friendsagainstscams.org.uk/ 

Full Council 

Democracy in Oxfordshire has passed a landmark moment with committee meetings being staged electronically for the first time ever and our first virtual Full Council meeting took place on Monday 4 May at 10:30 through MS Teams. 


Appendix C 


Hello from Hayleigh & Sarah 

Coronavirus Update from your Local District Councillors 

Saturday 23rd May 2020 

Hello! On what is now the third bank holiday weekend in recent months, we hope that you are keeping well and able to enjoy the weekend whilst staying safe. Although the lockdown restrictions have eased slightly since our last update, this means that is more important than ever to take care when you are out and about, being mindful of keeping a safe distance from others and still staying home as much as possible. There is more specific guidance on what you can and cannot do on the government’s Coronavirus FAQ webpage. As everyone adjusts to the “new normal”, note that there is still support available for those who need it. We are currently helping our fantastic local community volunteer groups to investigate more longer-term funding for their activities, so that they can continue to provide help as required. The council’s own Community Support Team continues to run their support line for anyone in need, including over the bank holiday: call 01235 422 600 or email communitysupport@southandvale.gov.uk. 

Remember, for the most up-to-date coronavirus information relating to district council support and any changes to services, please take a look at the dedicated Vale webpage for updateswww.whitehorsedc.gov.uk/covid19 

Waste Collections 

A reminder that all of the Vale’s waste collection services are once again up and running, and that Oxfordshire’s recycling centres have also now re-opened to the public. Changes to your bin collection days as a result of the bank holiday are on the table below and the following website: whitehorsedc.gov.uk/bankholiday  


Business Support 

New discretionary grants scheme 

The new discretionary grants scheme recently announced by the government will only provide an extra five per cent of funding on top of the money received in the first round of COVID-19 business grants in April. This means that unfortunately it will not provide anywhere near enough cash to support the vast majority of businesses in southern Oxfordshire affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have received the details of the government’s new discretionary business grants scheme and are currently pulling together a list of businesses that fit the detailed criteria. In line with government guidelines, we are aiming to release funds at the beginning of June and are working at pace to develop an online application based on the prescribed eligibility criteria.  This may take a short while to set up, but will ensure the process is quicker and easier and speeds up decision making so we can make payments to successful applicants without delay. Our business support team will provide ongoing support and guidance to any businesses that aren’t successful in applying for this scheme – this will include signposting them to the government’s COVID-19 loan scheme, which can be processed and paid out very quickly. 

If you have any questions, please email the Business Support team: business.support@southandvale.gov.uk 

Free webinar for businesses in South and Vale 

We have partnered with Graham Ballantyne, Director of the UK Business Mentoring Group, to deliver a free webinar on Thursday to help local businesses with their recovery plans. The webinar will include lots of tips and pointers, along with useful templates, and complementary mentoring sessions. You can find out more information on the South and Vale Business Support website. We’ve also heard that the next Pop-Up business school for Oxfordshire is taking place online in June. There’s more information here.   

The South & Vale Business Support team stays up-to-date on the latest government advice and support, and can advise on rates relief and business support grants. Visit their website for the latest info and to sign up for their e-newsletter: svbs.co.uk, and follow them on Twitter @TeamSVBS. 

Council Tax 

There is no specific update on council tax this time. Where possible, you should continue to pay your bills as normal.  Residents who are currently not being paid, and are struggling to pay their council tax bill, are encouraged to apply for Council Tax Reduction – their account will then be put on hold for 30 days while their application is processed: whitehorsedc.gov.uk/ctrs  

Council Matters 

Remote committee meetings to take place online
South Oxfordshire and Vale of White Horse District Councils are to begin holding council committee meetings online via video conferencing from the end of May. The first virtual meeting of the Vale of White Horse District Council will be the Vale Planning Committee on Tuesday 26 May at 10.30am. 

Councillors will use Microsoft Teams to take part in the meetings and members of the public will be able to watch online via a link which will be published alongside the meeting agenda on the councils’ websites five working days prior to the meeting.  The councils will also publish the link to each meeting via their Facebook and Twitter pages. For details on how members of the public can submit statements or questions to be considered by a committee or council meeting please visit whitehorsedc.gov.uk/meetings. 

Once councillors and officers have got used to the new process and are confident that meetings can be carried out effectively and within the guidelines, the councils will look to introduce online public participation by live video. Following the COVID-19 outbreak and the introduction of social distancing rules in March, the two councils cancelled all their official meetings and acted quickly to focus their efforts on supporting local communities and vulnerable individuals. While the focus remains predominantly on supporting vulnerable residents affected by COVID-19, it is still important to ensure the transparency of local democracy and so the councils have now put in place measures to ensure that meetings can take place again. 

Local News 

County Council cycle projects 

The County Council has launched a newsletter on its Science Vale Cycle Network Project (SVCN), which you can sign up to receive monthly updates about. The first of these projects is to construct a cycle route between Wantage and Harwell Campus, and this is due to start next week on 26 May.  This project will be featured in the newsletter, which will also provide updates on other routes as projects progress. To sign up to the newsletter head to the county council’s transport bulletins page and chose Science Vale Cycle Network from the list – you can also sign up for updates on other transport projects too. 

Take care, stay safe, stay home! 

We will endeavour to keep you updated on the council’s response to the Coronavirus COVID-19 through future newsletters and our dedicated councillor Facebook Page: Cllrs Hayleigh Gascoigne & Sarah Medley. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any issues or concerns – our email addresses are hayleigh.gascoigne@whitehorsedc.gov.uk and sarah.medley@whitehorsedc.gov.uk.