Minutes of the Upton Parish Council meeting held at 7.30pm on Thursday 14th January 2021. This meeting was held via an e-conference system.

In attendance: – Cllr Ben Shaw (Chair/BS), Miss E Cooper (Clerk/EC), Cllrs Peter McLaughlin, David Beckles & Brendan Heneghan. County Cllr Mike Fox-Davies, District Cllr Sarah Medley. Mrs J West (JW) on behalf of the PCC, Mr N Thorp (NT) and one member of the public.


  1. Apologies for absence



  1. Co-opt a new councillor to the council

Mr Neil Thorp was proposed & seconded as a new councillor, which was unanimously agreed by

the council. Mr Thorp duly signed his Declaration of Office and Register of Interests forms and was

formally welcomed to the council.


  1. Declarations of interest in the items on the agenda 

NT declared an interest in the Chilton Road closure as he lives there.


  1. Approve the minutes of the following meeting & note any matters arising: –   

UPC   26.11.20

UPC   03.12.20

Both sets of minutes were unanimously accepted as true representations of those meetings.


  1. Report from the County Councillor (see Appendix A below)


  1. Report from the District Councillor (see Appendix B below)


  1. Report from the PCSO (see Appendix C below)


  1. Representations from the public(15 mins max, 3 mins per person)

8.1 Mr K Humphries joined the meeting to talk about a proposal to plant a ‘tiny forest’ on the Upton

recreation ground. This would be about the size of a tennis court & contain c600 native trees. The

proposal was received with interest by the council & the council awaits a fully formed case from Mr

Humphries for its consideration.

8.2 Mrs J West joined the meeting on behalf of the PCC.

JW state how positive the new bus service was for all, with more frequent buses in both directions &

a Saturday service. However, usage remains low due to the pandemic. JW was thanked for her

attendance & it was hoped that this would continue in future.


  1. Update from BS on the current community/Parish Council Covid-19 response

9.1 In the village, inc Whatsapp help group

The Whatspp group continued to work well in the current lockdown. BS to add a message regarding

available funding.

9.2 Under Lockdown 3

As play areas remain open under this lockdown, all & every user of the recreation ground must

continue to observe social distancing rules at all times.


  1. Outstanding actions carried forward from previous 

meetings: –


No. Actions from this meeting When by
1. PMcL to complete procedural documents for web site March meeting
2. BS to confirm working groups for village Actioned
3. BS to add message to WhatsApp group regarding COVID funding available. Actioned
4. Council to agree donation to CAB March meeting


No. Actions from December meeting When By
1. EC to compile next Upton News update (Jan21) Actioned
2. EC to compile ‘red folder’ x 2 & present to council on completion Actioned
3. BS to contact Kompan & authorise start of new play area work. December
4. EC to obtain quote for wood chippings. Actioned
5. EC to speak to BH re. equipment required for ground work on adventure play area. Actioned
No. Actions from November meeting When by
1. BS to ensure information on DC support & supermarket vouchers goes out to the village. ASAP
2. All to consider the remedial work on benches. Jan meeting
3. EC/BS to examine documents held in VH meeting room filing cabinet. Actioned.


  1. Ratify or agree the council’s response to the following planning applications: –

11.1  To ratify:-

11.1.1 P20/V2868/FUL The Croft, Prospect Rd, Upton

Single-storey detached annex to provide accommodation & care

for a relative.

Deadline 19.12.20

UPC objected with comments 18.12.20

11.1.2 P20/V2993/HH Sunnyside, Newmans Close, Upton

Proposed outbuilding addition & re-landscaping of the front garden.

Deadline 04.01.21

UPC had no objections to this consultation.

11.1.3 P20/V3064/HH Pottengers, Chilton Rd, Upton

Replacement annex, extensions & remodelling of existing house.

Deadline 04.01.21

UPC had no objections to this consultation.

11.1.4 P20/V2094/FUL Amendment no.1 3 Fieldside, Upton

Proposed extensions to side & rear & subdivision of plot to create

new 2-bed accommodation.

Deadline 08.01.21

UPC objected to this consultation 04.01.21.

11.2  Agree response:-

11.2.1 P20/V3104/HH Conifers, Stream Rd, Upton

Extend ground floor into new double garage with limited internal

reordering, add three bedrooms & family bathroom to new first floor.

Deadline 17.01.21

UPC agreed to object to this consultation, with 3 in agreement, 1 against & 1



11.3 Planning Permissions received

P20/V2137LB & P20/V2138/HH

Planning permission 23.12.20


  1. Update on UPC Finances and Administration

12.1 Approve the level of precept for the council for the next financial year

The council unanimously resolved to accept the recommendation to increase the precept

by 20% to £12,163.

12.2 Agree the amendments to the UPC budget for the next financial year

The council unanimously resolved to accept the budget as presented for 2021/2022.

12.3 Agree the following payments: –


Date Payee £


Clerk’s salary SO

Inc additional hours (8) as agreed [LGA1972 s112(2)]

Not publicly disclosed
14.01.21 Clerk’s expenses [LG(FPA)1963s5] £16.80
Dec, Jan HMRC PAYE SO (£46 – Dec, £46.00 Jan TBC) £92.00
29.12.20, Jan 21 Microsoft Office365 Dec&Jan DD @£3.80pm

[LGA1972 s111]

25.11.20 Kompan – In Depth Operational Inspection (paid to be ratified) [PHAAA 1907 s76(1)] £285.60
10.12.20 Kompan – Quarterly Operational Inspection (paid to be ratified) [PHAAA 1907 s76(1)] £950.40
08.12.20 SLCC Membership (paid to be ratified)

UPC £47, BPC £93 (to be reimbursed) [LGA 1972 s143]

15.01.21 Dark White Digital [LGA 1972 s111] £332.50
15.01.21 OALC Clerk Training (paid to be ratified) [LGA 1972 s111] £60.00
14.01.21 Chairman expenses [LG(FPA)1963s5] £118.20
  TOTAL  (+ Clerk’s salary above)        £2003.10



12.4 Receipts

Bank interest December .11p

12.5 Sign off bank reconciliation to date

Provided in advance of the meeting. To be physically signed at a later date

12.6 Agree potential end of year donations (Home Start/CAB)

Council unanimously agreed to support the CAB with a donation of £75 & declined to support

Home Start this year.

12.7 Any other financial or administration updates

12.7.1 Q3 VAT return submitted 04.01.21 for £216.00

12.7.2 PAYE was short by £20.80, so an additional payment would be made.

12.7.3 An additional £65.91 in VAT would be claimed by the end of the year.

12.7.4 Debit cards for use by the RFO & two other nominated councils was formally proposed &

unanimously agreed by council. This is for emergency use only, to reduce the risk of the

council being unable to make payment. EC to complete paperwork & return to Lloyds Bank.


  1. To hear an update on the recreation ground Play Areas

13.1 Toddler play area

Council had formally accepted the proposal from Kompan for the supply & installation of a new

toddler play area. Consideration is being given to siting this where the pump track is currently

located, & to move the pump track over.

13.2 Adventure play area

This area is now maintained by Kompan, who installed the equipment. New wood chippings will

be ordered shortly for delivery in March.

13.3 Pump Track

Council confirmed that discussions are underway regarding the best way to move/upgrade the

pump track. Assistance in making this happen has been offered by villagers.


  1. To hear any updates on the maintenance of the recreation ground

14.1 Current maintenance of grounds

No update.

14.2 Current volunteer situation

New volunteers identified themselves through the village questionnaire.

14.3 Replacement fence

Original Land Registry documents have revealed that the council is legally obliged to have a fence

along the north west side of the recreation ground. Investigations are now underway as to the most

appropriate fence & funding.


  1. Update from BS on the results of the village questionnaire

15.1 Survey results data issued 7.1.21

BS highlighted key results from the questionnaire. All to familiarise themselves with the results &

respond to BS as necessary.

15.2 Setting up of working groups

BS to confirm in due course.


  1. Update from PMcL on UPC IT

PMcL confirmed that the web site is now compliant with accessibility regulations. He is now working

on procedural documents for updating & maintenance of the web site.


  1. Update from BS on historic council or village information

See 14.3 above. Examination of documents is ongoing.


  1. Update on Neighbourhood Plan proposal

Deferred till further notice due to other priorities.


  1. To formally sign off the following:-

19.1 UPC Aims & Objectives

Formally adopted by council.

19.2 UPC Strategic Plan

Formally adopted by council.

19.3 UPC Roles & Responsibilities

Formally adopted by council. NT agreed to take on coordination of planning consultation



  1. Agree the content of the next council update for Upton News

Recreation ground fence

Cushion fall spreading on adventure play area

Questionnaire highlights


Date of next meeting: –


Thursday 18th March 2021 at 7.30pm via an e-conference system


The meeting finished at 10.25pm.