DRAFT Minutes of the Upton Parish Council Meeting held on 21st September 2021

Minutes of a meeting of Upton Parish Council held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 21st September 2021 in the village hall.

In attendance: – Cllrs B Shaw (Chairman/BS), P McLaughlin (PM), N Thorp (NT). E Cooper (Clerk/EC). Also, present Mr B Rippon (BR).

  1. To note or receive apologies for absence

County Cllr S Povolotsky, District Cllrs H Gascoigne & S Medley. Cllr B Heneghan (in

advance to the Chairman). Cllr D Beckles was not present.


  1. To note any declarations of interest in the items on the agenda

None declared.


  1. To approve the minutes of the following meeting & note any matters arising: –

UPC 15.07.21

Council unanimously agreed that the minutes were a true record.


  1. To hear a report from the County Councillor

Provided in advance of the meeting.


  1. To hear a report from the District Councillor

Provided in advance of the meeting.


  1. To hear a report from the PCSO

No report this month. Clerk to email re next meeting. Action Clerk.


  1. To hear representations from the public (15 mins max, 3 mins per person)



  1. To hear an update from the UVHAT representative

UVHAT not represented & no update provided. Clerk to email R Traynor / J Reid re

UVHAT / UPC meetings. Action Clerk.


  1. To hear an update on the Upton Nature Garden Project

BR was representing the Nature Garden Project. He requested an update on the trade

account with Provender. Clerk to action. Council confirmed it was happy for the two blue

benches to be removed from the site. BS to provide storage until they are re-sited. Action BS. The bin to be                    removed & re-used elsewhere if possible.


  1. To report on outstanding actions carried forward from previous meetings: –


No. Actions from this meeting By when
1. Clerk to email PCSO re November meeting ASAP
2. Clerk to email R Traynor / J Reid re UVHAT / UPC meetings ASAP
3. Clerk to confirm details of Provender account ASAP
4. BS to store blue benches & bin until re-sited November
5. Clerk to report on Q2 results & forward to Council November
6. BS to start work on 22/23 budget & forward to Council for consideration. November
7. BS to 1. put together a welcome pack proposal

2. look at ways of engaging volunteers



8. BS to look in to engaging other local chairs to meet informally November
9. BS to arrange top soil & grass seed for play area mound November
10. ALL to consider fencing or other options for play areas November
11. BS to organise volunteer turning over bark in play area November
12. BS to consider plan for removal of weeds on pump track November
13. Clerk to confirm further tree work with contractor Actioned
14. BH to fill in ruts with top soil Actioned
15. PM to consider re-siting of blue benches & any associated costs Actioned
16. PM & Clerk to discuss findings on bus shelter noticeboard ASAP
17. BS to investigate bonfire night event ASAP
18. Clerk to remind villagers regarding rear garden access to recreation ground ASAP
19. Recreation ground northern boundary fence – BS to approach contractors ASAP
20. DB / BS to investigate new signage across the recreation ground ASAP
21. DB to contact the head of the Brownie group re bus shelter redecoration ASAP
22. BS to confirm with KH actions re fence / hedge in cemetery extension ASAP
23. PM to report back to council on work allocation system trial ASAP
24. Clerk to forward UPC Upton News update to M Brown Actioned
25. NT to layout future Upton News copy – to spk M Brown ASAP
26. BS to contact potential proof reader for Upton News ASAP
27. PM & Clerk to discuss online meeting date updates ASAP
No. Actions from July Meeting By when
1. Clerk to speak to OALC re legal advice on volunteer form. Actioned
2. BS to speak to alternative contractor re. play area mound Actioned
3. BS to obtain 3 quotes for providing a suitable fence around the new toddler play area. Actioned
4. Clerk to look at placing order for new zip wire seat Actioned
5. BS to speak to Kompan re their last inspection report & quote for zip wire ‘seat’. Actioned
6. BS to check rec ground maintenance volunteer rota & responsibilities Actioned
7. KH to report back to council on recommendations for the two benches in situ in the nature garden area. Not actioned
8. KH to provide formal proposal & timescales for fence development around the new cemetery area. O/S
9. BS to provide tree work quote to all for consideration. Actioned
11. Clerk to check if any trees are included on insurance policy. Actioned
12. Clerk to complete CPF form & return to SP Actioned
13. NT to compile draft for next Upton News online & forward to PM Actioned
No. Actions from previous meetings By when 
2. Clerk to check ToR from Upton Nature Volunteer Group Actioned
3. JR to write letter confirming UVHAT 5-year rolling underwriting for nature garden maintenance. Clerk to remind JR. Action completed by R Traynor
6. BS to issue rota forms. Deferred to Clerk to issue. Oct


  1. To ratify or agree the council’s response to the following planning applications: –

11.1 To agree:-

11.1.1 P21/V2488/VH Owlscote Barn, High Street, Upton

Replacement entrance gates.

Deadline 29.9.21

UPC no objections.

11.1.2 P21/V2559/AG Three Hills Land, Chilton

Seeks a determination as to whether prior approval is required under S2,

Pt6 of Town & Country Planning (GPD) (England) Order 2015 for the

erection of an agricultural building.

Deadline 24.9.21

UPC agreed further approval required.


11.2 To ratify:-

11.2.1 P21/V2057/HH South Spring, Stream Road, Upton

Front, side & rear extensions.

Deadline 24.8.21

UPC no objections, but with narrative.


11.3 To note planning permissions/withdrawals received since the last meeting:-



  1. To receive an update on UPC Finances and Administration

12.1 To hear an update on the budget for 2021/22

Clerk to complete end Q2 results & forward to Council. Action Clerk.

BS stated he will commence work on the 22/23 budget shortly & forward to

Council for comment. Action BS

12.2 To hear an update on Lloyds Bank: –

As at 14.9.21 Treasurer’s Account £7113.26

As at 14.9.21 Business Bank Account £13,073.12

12.3 Receipts

Bank interest August 11p, September 11p

12.4 To sign off bank reconciliation to date

Provided in advance of the meeting. Signed by BS at the meeting.

12.5 To hear any other financial or administration updates

12.5.1 Correction of VAT reclaim errors update

After investigation, the Clerk reported that VAT errors from a previous

financial year did not need to be reported to HMRC as their deadline had


12.5.2 Nature garden receipts & payments to date

Receipts £3000

Payments £2387.91

Balance £612.09


              12.5.3 BS reported that he would be putting together a proposal for a Welcome

Pack for new residents in the village. He would also be looking at ways to

engage volunteers to help & take responsibility for some aspects of village

life. Action BS


12.6 To agree the following payments & PM to authorise: –


Date Payee £


Clerk’s salary SO

[LGA1972 s112(2)]

Not publicly disclosed
15.09.21 Clerk’s expenses [LG(FPA)1963s5]

Inc. new zip wire seat (£79.99)

Aug/Sept HMRC PAYE SO (£74.40 August, £74.40 tbc Sept) £148.80
29.08.20, 29.09.21 Microsoft Office365 Aug/Sept DD @£3.80pm

[LGA1972 s111]

17.09.21 OALC Chairmanship course 7.9.21 [LGA1972 s111] £120.00
01.09.21 Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Council badges [LGA1972 s111] £86.68
08.09.21 M Wilson Tree Services [OSA1906 s10] £1200.00
Sept 21 P.McLaughlin expenses (Krystal web site increased capacity payment). [LGA1972 s111] £7.26
  Payments sub total £1648.47
08.09.21 Didcot Plant, Hire of excavator & dumper. Paid to be ratified.           £474.71
08.09.21 Willis & Ainsworth, Ornamental whole tree chip. Paid to be ratified.           £534.60
08.09.21 Hi-Tex (UK) Ltd, Eco Mulchmat. Paid to be ratified. £309.00
14.09.21 Buckingham Nurseries, plants various. Paid to be ratified. £1069.60
Nature Garden sub total [LGA1892 s8] £2387.91
TOTAL        £4036.38

+ Clerk’s salary above


12.7 To hear a proposal on creating a joint ‘Chairman’s’ meeting with other

local Parish Councils (PM / BS)

BS proposed, seconded by PM & agreed with NT, that a regular, informal

meeting with other local Parish Council Chair’s would be a good idea. Issues,

ideas & success can be shared across the locality. Action BS.


  1. To hear an update on the recreation ground Play Areas

13.1 Toddler play area

13.1.1 New mound – remedial work

BS confirmed this area had been cleared of weed. The next plan was top

soil & grass seed. Action BS.

13.1.2 To consider the installation of a fence/demarcation around the new play


BS confirmed quotes obtained in the region of £16-20k for all 3 play areas.

Council will consider other options for installing fencing before the next

meeting in November. Action UPC

13.2 Adventure play area

Remedial work to perimeter wood panels – PM had made necessary repairs.

BS reported that the chippings on the adventure play area needed turning over

again. To agree a date & request volunteer help. Action BS.

13.3 Pump Track

In April 2021 this item was inspected with a ‘This item is satisfactory-no work

required’ report. Remedial work to the pump track will be considered for 22/23.

BS acknowledged that work on weeds around the pump track was required & that

nettles had been cleared from the tree line. Action BS.


  1. To hear an update on the maintenance of the recreation ground

14.1 Current maintenance of grounds

14.1.1 Trees, hedges, other

BS confirmed the first half of tree work was completed & paid for. Council

unanimously agreed to second half of work at a cost of c£1350 to go

ahead. Clerk to confirm with contractor.

14.1.2 Ruts renovation

BH to fill in ruts with top soil.

14.2 Current volunteer / rota situation

BS will continue to address the volunteer situation across the village. The mowing

rota remains in place.

14.3 To hear any other recreation ground updates

14.3.1 Recreation ground bin replacements

The replacement of bins on the recreation ground requires further & wider

discussion with the waste collection contractor.

14.3.2 Provision of additional benches

PM to look at re-siting of one blue bench from the old toddler play area to

the new toddler play area, together with any associated cost. Action PM.

14.3.3 Provision of new noticeboard on side of bus shelter

Clerk looking at standard replacement board. PM looking at electronic

versions. Clerk & PM to discuss findings & agree solution.

14.3.4 Bonfire Night Proposal (Friday 5th or Saturday 6th November 2021)

BS proposed a bonfire night event on the recreation ground. This may

include silent fireworks, Guy Fawkes competition, & hot beverages. BS to

investigate, speak to UVHAT & consider all eventualities prior to

completion of a risk assessment.

14.3.5 Access to/across the recreation ground Council unanimously agreed that villagers should be reminded

that access to the recreation ground from the rear of their

properties was foot access only & no vehicles are permitted to be

driven across the recreation ground to access properties. Clerk to

action. Council also unanimously agreed that the gate to the recreation

ground would be closed at night with effect from 1 October. The

gate will be closed around 9pm & opened again around 8am.


14.3.6 Goal posts – nets & wheels replacements

BS had applied to the Police & Crime Commissioner fund for a grant to

upgrade these facilities.

14.3.7 Provision of fence to northern boundary

BS to approach potential contractors to obtain details of types of fence &

costs. Action BS.

14.3.8 Car park drainage issue & resolution

To be resolved between 23 & 26 September with the hire of machinery to

clear & create a soakaway.

14.3.9 New signage update

DB to form & lead a signage committee with BS & propose new signage

across the recreation ground for Council to consider. Action DB / BS.

14.3.10 Bus shelter renovation update

DB to contact the head of the Brownie group to discuss to possibility of

redecorating the bus shelter. Action DB


  1. To hear an update on the remedial work to the cemetery extension

KH was not present at the meeting to give an update. Council understands

hedges/whips have been ordered (at no cost) & that a trench will be dug with the

machinery on hire in the coming weekend to aid the hedge planting. It was also

planned to repair the existing fence. Action BS to confirm with KH.


  1. To hear any update from PM on UPC IT

16.1 PM reported a recent space upgrade had taken place at very little cost.

16.2 PM is trialling a ‘work allocation’ system product, which is free to use. PM to report

results of trial back to Council.


  1. To hear an update on the online Upton News situation

17.1 To agree the council content for the next online Upton News

Clerk to forward agreed content to M. Brown. Action Clerk.

17.2 Editor, advertising, distribution update

NT agreed that he could lay out submitted copy for PM to publish online. BS to

engage a proof reader. Action NT & BS.


  1. To agree the date of the next meeting

Next full council meeting Tuesday 16th November 2021, at 7.30pm, in the main hall.

PM to check process of updating meeting dates online with the Clerk. Action PM &



The meeting finished at 10.30pm. 


Appendix A

Parish Updates

East Hendred – White Road Community Safety Concerns and Mill Lane Safety / Surface and Speed – pending officer visit (Early September 2021) Harwell – Ongoing Crossing demand – pending 2nd officer visit, rural safety. Grove Road pending consultation (designs ready). Ongoing issues with Hedges (sent note for the Harwell News), and general concerns over traffic, speeds and noise / vibration.

Rowstock Community – Residents Association is in discussion / needs ratifying. Meanwhile response from Highways Agency received and sent onto PC / RA. Am getting 4 weekly updates from the Rowstock Project team at OCC, and officer came to debrief in the July meeting with residents. Steventon – Emergency Services / Causeway Crossing, contacts made and passed on. Concerns about street-lighting issues raised and on fix list, TRN received for October on Railway bridge / subsidence.

Upton – No New Casework – Hagbourne Hill – Officers visited in July for surveying, am still chasing response / outcomes. Chilton – No New Casework

Blewbury – No New Casework (Sally to visit with officer about cycle path concerns / needs)

West Hendred – No New Casework

Ardington and Lockinge – No New Casework Find Latest News and Information online here – https://hendredsandharwell.mycouncillor.org.uk Find Daily updates / news and events on Facebook here – @sally4hendredsandharwell Share your community news on our new GROUP on Facebook – SEARCH – Hendreds & Harwell Community Official – where we can share events / news and ideas together You can whats app / call me on – 07939 912997 You can email me on – sally.povolotsky@oxfordshire.gov.u

Appendix B

Monday 6th September 2021 – Monthly Parish Update – Vale of White Horse District Councillors Cllr Hayleigh Gascoigne and Cllr Sarah Medley

Hello! We had a lovely start to September at the fantastic Upton Village Fete, complete with Morris dancing, fun dog show and plenty of tombola prizes. The fete was opened this year by our county councillor Sally Povolotsky, and it was great for the three of us to be out and about in the community together. With the upcoming Blewbury Village Hall opening event and the annual Harwell Footpaths Walk later this month, we’re looking forward to plenty more opportunities to catch up with residents in person again after such a long time.

We will use these monthly updates to keep you updated on our activities, general council news and any COVID-19 developments,. We also post regularly on our councillor Facebook Page: Cllrs Hayleigh Gascoigne & Sarah Medley – please do not hesitate to get in touch with any issues or concerns, either via Facebook message or email: hayleigh.gascoigne@whitehorsedc.gov.uk and sarah.medley@whitehorsedc.gov.uk.

COVID-19 Community Support

A reminder to all residents that the councils’ Community Support Hub continues to operate for anyone who needs any assistance, either as a result of COVID-19 or just for anyone who needs signposting towards the appropriate support channel. There are multiple ways to get in touch with the Community Support Hub:

Residents can also contact:

  • Citizens Advice – 0808 278 7907
  • Vale Community Impact – 01235 765348

Remember that the latest figures are updated on the county council’s interactive dashboard on a daily basis. The national change in rules on self-isolation for fully vaccinated people took effect on 16 August. We encourage residents to get tested regularly and, if they feel unwell, book a PCR test, as Covid-19 is still very much around.

Garden Waste Suspension

Service update 3 September 2021 – use this link for the most recent updates on garden waste

Dear Garden Waste customers,

We regret to inform you that garden waste collections in our districts will remain paused at this time to ensure we can continue to provide core waste collections – rubbish, recycling and food – without major disruptions. The garden waste service was suspended last month due to our contractor, Biffa, struggling with the national shortage of HGV drivers, and during that time we have been working hard to encourage Biffa to find solutions to reinstate the service.

We continue to work closely with our contractor, Biffa, to provide us with further information as to how they propose to reinstate their contracted services as soon as possible.As soon as we are able to, we will update you on when the service will be resumed. Until that time we are asking you to continue to remain patient and thank you for your understanding.

Please could we ask you pass the news onto neighbours, especially those without access to the internet or social media.We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience we know this is causing, and we apologise that this service has fallen beneath the levels you have come to expect. We have asked Biffa to provide options so they can make it up to anybody who doesn’t receive the service they should this year.

In the meantime, if you would like to dispose of your garden waste you can take it to one of Oxfordshire County Council’s Household Waste Recycling Centres if you’re able – you can check the county council’s website for opening times. Home Composting – for more information about home composting and purchasing a reduced rate compost bin please visit the Oxfordshire County Council website.

 Council News


Oxford to Cambridge Arc consultation – deadline 12th October – and road study